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These tracking systems weed out resumes that aren’t skimpy, focused and inapplicable to the job.

Get resume professionally done a resume and find a job will help our tips.Pay attention to the content.

A good picture

You should be very careful about the photo you put on your resume. We recommend that you take a good, professional, well-lit photo that shows your face, you are looking straight ahead, and you are walking with a friendly gesture.

Personal Information

Along with a photo, the first information you need to put on your resume is your name and email address.

Blog and social media

Interestingly, along with your personal information, you include a direct link to your website or blog and your professional social media accounts. We also encourage you to share valuable content about your profession on Twitter and Linkedin each week.

A title that defines you as a professional

You can include a title that defines you as a professional as the title phrase of your resume or right below your personal information.

Work Experience

In general, we recommend placing work experience before training. Above all, if you’ve already worked in the industry you’re targeting.
The period of time during which you worked.
A brief description of the functions performed with keywords


This section should list your most recent training and where you completed it.

Conciseness and brevity

For your resume to be attractive and easy to read, it should be short and concise. Write in short sentences.

Simple language

Don’t use technical terms or words that are too far-fetched. Use simple language that everyone can understand.

Use keywords

We call keywords the terms that are most commonly used and searched for by people in a given topic or industry. Also, emphasize your professional characteristics that best fit the company you are targeting.

Don’t repeat data

Make sure you don’t repeat the same information multiple times.

Final information: skills, languages, computing
Leave some additional final information regarding skills, languages, and technological know-how.
Spelling and grammar.
This is also obvious, but you have to keep it in mind because it’s very important.

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