How OnlyFans is helping a kidnapped woman get over her trauma

EXCLUSIVE: I’m getting over being given strawberries laced with Rohypnol and locked in a dungeon by ‘Sweden’s Josef Fritzl’ by taking off my clothes on OnlyFans

  • Isabel Eriksson was spiked, kidnapped and imprisoned in Sweden back in 2015
  • He kept her locked up in a soundproof bunker at his home for almost a week 

A woman kidnapped, drugged and locked in a dungeon by a man dubbed ‘Sweden’s Josef Fritzl’ has opened an OnlyFans page to get over her trauma.

Glamorous Isabel Eriksson was targeted by evil Dr Martin Trenneborg, who gave her strawberries laced with date rape drug Rohypnol, as part of his twisted plot.

He took her to an isolated farmhouse at Kristianstad, in southern Sweden, locked her in a bunker for six days before he was eventually arrested in 2015, after they walked into a police station.

Trenneborg was later jailed for eight years following Isabel’s nightmare ordeal and to help get over the post-traumatic stress disorder she is suffering, she has now launched her Only Fans page.

Users can pay £12 a month to see former escort Isabel in a series of semi naked pictures of her which she describes as ‘artful’ and ‘tasteful’.

Alias Isabel Eriksson, now 37, was held in a bunker in southern Sweden for six days in 2015 

Isabel shared how she is overcoming the horrendous ordeal by setting up an OnlyFans page

Isabel (pictured) has also since written a book about her experience called ‘You Are Mine’

In an exclusive interview, Isabel, 37, bravely waives her anonymity, and tells MailOnline: ‘My OnlyFans site is my way of dealing with the trauma that I am still facing even after all these years.

‘I have always been very creative and posing for these pictures which are artful and tasteful, is my way of dealing with the stress that I went through.

‘I’m not totally naked in any of the photographs, I have my underwear on, and they are no way pornographic.

‘They are beautiful, sensual photographs, which reflect my creative artistic passion, and which have helped me cope with the severe PTSD I was left with.

‘We should be proud of our bodies, and we are all a piece of art, and we are all beautiful and if you want to manifest that for yourself and others than that’s great.’

Recounting her nightmare to MailOnline, Isabel described how she thought she ‘would die’ when she woke up and saw Trenneborg standing over her.

She added: ‘I was still drowsy, but I was terrified by the situation, so I grabbed to metal spikes which were in the bunker, and I tried to attack him.

‘I wanted to kill him because I was scared and I didn’t know what he was going to do with me, whether he would rape me and then kill me.

‘But because I was still sedated, he managed to get the spikes off me and said that if I didn’t anything like that again he would chain me down and give me only crackers to eat.’

Trenneborg had hired Isabel, who was working as a £2,000 a night escort, at the time and bundled her into his car after meeting her in Stockholm and then driving 350 miles to Kristianstad.

Although he was initially charged with rape, the trial ruled there was insufficient evidence to confirm that he had sexually attacked her, and he was convicted of kidnap and released last year.

Police became suspicious after interviewing Trenneborg when Isabel was reported missing

Trenneborg’s home near Kristianstad in southern Sweden where he locked her in a soundproofed cell inside this home-made bunker (pictured, left building)

Trenneborg meticulously planned the abduction over a long period of time and subjected the victim to serious risk by sedating her and keeping her locked up in this soundproof bunker

The nature of his crime coupled with the underground bunker where he kept Isabel, earned him the nickname of the ‘Josef Fritzl of Scandinavia’.

Austrian Fritzl was jailed in 2009 for rape and murder after keeping his own daughter, Elizabeth, locked in a cellar under his home for 24 years.

Isabel said: ‘I still think [Trenneborg] raped me when I was drugged, and I was angry the charge was thrown out.

‘He should have been sentenced to longer for what he did to me. I was so scared; I was terrified, and I thought I would die.

‘He was a creepy guy and said he wanted to keep me in the bunker as his girlfriend and that he wanted to have sex with me two or three times a week and I would have to cook and clean for him.

‘He asked me what my mum was like and that maybe she could join us in the bunker and the thought of that frightened the life out of me.’

Trenneborg, now 46, was eventually caught after he panicked following news reports of Isabel’s disappearance and so drove her to Stockholm where they walked into a city police station.

He had told her to give detectives a cover story that she was safe and in no danger, but they became suspicious and when they questioned her alone, she revealed her terrifying ordeal.

Isabel said: ‘He had seen my escort page advert and booked me for the night, he seemed OK at first and I had done escort work for seven years, so I know how to take care of myself.

‘He was very convincing, and he seemed normal enough, but he was the complete opposite. Every client I’d had before was fine and perfectly respectable – Trenneborg was my first and only bad experience.

‘After I tried to kill him and it didn’t work, I knew the only way I would get out alive is by letting him think I trusted him but at the same time look for a way to escape.’

Eriksson spoke about the ordeal and wrote a book after escaping from Trenneborg’s lair 

Isabel, who has also written a book about her experience called You Are Mine, said: ’When I learned he was released, I was horrified and even though I have a protected identity know, it still scares me that he is out there.

‘But at the same time, I know that I must get on with my life and look forward and that’s why I put my energy into my creative work.

‘I stopped doing escort work after the kidnap and I have moved to another part of Sweden now. My parents know that I used to be a sex worker and at first, they weren’t happy but then they accepted it.

‘I worked all over the world as an escort, New York, Miami, Australia and Sweden and I had many wealthy and some famous clients but obviously I can’t say who they were.

‘Let’s just say they were high profile sports people and people from the entertainment world.

‘I made good money from my work, and I invested a lot of what I earned but I also spent a lot, I didn’t ever look at price tags because I didn’t need to.’

When asked what the future held, Isabel replied: ‘I’m single now and have been for a while but it would be wonderful to meet the right person who I could settle down and have a family with.’

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