I dug a hole in the ground to live off-grid & turned it into a cosy cave home – you’ve got to have keen eyes to spot it | The Sun

A WOMAN went completely off-grid and built a hole in the ground that she turned into a cosy cave home.

The mystery lady showed of her survival skills by creating a hidden escape using only her bare hands and a piece of sharpened metal on a stick.

A video, posted to YouTube by Primitive Survival Life, shows the incredible transformation from the first ever piece of earth removed to a little home.

Living in a hole isn't for everyone and this one certainly doesn't look comfortable – but it provides a cosy space for shelter from the weather and a place to cook and sleep.

Working effectively and meticulously, the woman digs an underground tunnel with steps down to an open-plan space.

Above earth, its near-impossible to spot after the lady expertly camouflages with nearby plants and grass.

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The only giveaway is when she lights a fire and smoke billows out through a makeshift chimney.

Despite tiny homes becoming all the rage – this woman took it new levels by creating hers completely cost-free using whatever natural materials she could get her hands on.

There are shelves, seats and even two fireplaces to provide heat and light.

She even shows her fans how she cooks meat skewers and steak on the hot embers.

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A handmade bamboo hatch works as a front door to be opened and closed.

The survival expert is not the only person who is swapping more usual accommodation to live in a cave – an estimated 40million people live in caves across the globe.

The rock provides excellent insulation, allowing the home to remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The cave-life is particularly proving popular with Brits who are rushing to buy the unusual properties across Europe.

It comes after a young couple who couldn't afford a home decided to invest in a cave in France.

Over 12 months, Alexia Lamoreux and Lotte van Riel laboured inside their £1 home to make it liveable, and the total renovations only came to £30,000.

Meanwhile, a homeless man carved a cave out of a cliff and now has incredible sea views.

Nissim Kahlon, 77, created a remarkable structure filled with tunnels, mosaics, and winding staircases out of beachside sandstone cliffs in Israel.

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Meanwhile, a woman caused a stir after showing off a cave her partner built at the bottom of their garden – and its no beachside escape.

And this man built another unexpected shelter – an igloo in his garden.

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