I stashed my £5,000 life savings in a cardboard box – but when I returned to use it my worst fears came true | The Sun

A WOMAN revealed how she stashed her £5,000 life savings into a cardboard box but was left devastated when she returned to use it.

Khairul Azhar took to Facebook to share the grisly story behind his grandma's nightmare situation.

The bloke from Malaysia wrote in a post: "Today, I found out that the £5,000 that my grandmother saved to attend the haj next year was eaten by termites."

He attached a snap of the cardboard shoe box used to store the ringgit notes which had been completely destroyed.

The green and red notes appeared to be shredded, and some had circular bite marks along the edges.

Khairul said that he handed over half of the money that wasn't chomped through to The Central Bank of Malaysia, Bank Negara, but the rest could not be saved.


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"It is not my grandmother's (fortune) to go to Mecca. Lesson learnt. Don't keep so much cash at home," he added.

The post has racked up over 200 comments and 260 likes, with many viewers left devastated for the elderly woman.

Others decided to leave the grandma some money-storing advice after claiming it was her own fault for keeping her money packed away in a box.

One Facebook user said a better option would have been to keep the money in a biscuit tin.

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Many suggested exchanging the cash for gold bars because even depositing money in banks could leave her susceptible to scams.

This comes after a pensioner lost his life savings of £17,000 after donating a sofa forgetting he had hidden the cash inside.

The man has issued a desperate plea to find the buyer and even offered a reward, hoping to retrieve part of the money.

A dad also told how he lost his entire life savings when he fell for an elaborate investment scam after selling his family home.

Borja Ares, 37, said he "failed his wife and children" after being duped into handing over £160,000 to professional con artists.

And one couple said they felt "cheated" after spending their life savings on their dream newbuild, which they claimed was a nightmare.

Alex and Dorina Marcu saved up for seven years to put down the £40,000 deposit on the home, only to find it riddled with faults when they moved in last August, they alleged.

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