Man who ripped up neighbour's plants & dumped soil on drive in 8-YEAR row over fence claims: 'I've done nothing wrong' | The Sun

A DEFIANT pensioner who ripped up his neighbour's plants in an eight-year row insists he has done nothing wrong.

John Weiniger, 72, started a war with Samantha and James Miller over a two inch-wide slither of land between their houses.

The former accountant crept around under the cover of darkness to pull up their plants and move their bins down the road.

Weiniger was also captured on CCTV at 3am causing damage to their garden and dumped soil on the drive of their home in the village of Mollington in Oxfordshire.

He has now been ordered to pay almost £3,000 in court costs and slapped with a restraining order after being convicted of several criminal damage offences.

But Weiniger is still refusing to back down over the land, which he claims he owns despite Land Registry documents confirming it belongs to the Millers.

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He told The Sun Online: "I used to take Captain, my African grey parrot, everywhere with me because he gets lonely and I would take him out through my back door.

"Now I don’t have room to park at the side of the house so he can’t come with me to bridge which I used to play every week.

"Captain has not been out for two years now because of that fence. For me everything has stopped while I fight this matter. It has cost me a fortune."

The row erupted when his former neighbours moved a boundary fence two inches towards his property after knocking down an old building to put in garages.

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He claims by doing so, the line of the fence was straightened, which allowed cars to drive straight on to parking spaces at the back of their property.

But Weiniger says he cannot get out of his car when he parks at the side of his house.

The dispute soured further when the Millers put in a flower bed on the disputed area on their side of the property.

Weiniger responded by digging up their hyacinths and tossing turf he took from from the grassy ground over the wall into their garden.

He also moved the couple's dustbin down to the road to other houses on the street and began photographing Samantha as she gardened.

The pair – both surgeons – eventually called police and Weiniger was charged with several counts of causing criminal damage and one charge of harassment.

In a victim impact statement, Samantha said: "I have been dealing with the issues caused by Weiniger for over two years now. 

"The escalation in his behaviour over the past few months has caused me a great deal of worry about what will happen next.

"I am home alone and I worry about what he might do with me and my baby. I am full of anxiety over what might happen and this affects my work.

"I feel that this has taken over our lives."

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But Weiniger insists he is the one who feels "threatened" and branded the situation "totally unfair".

He added: "I am an extremely good neighbour."

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