Millions of Brits are overlooking basic checks at home with oven cleaning, boiler services & smoke alarm tests overdue | The Sun

OVERLOOKED basic jobs around the house may be costing millions of homeowners hundreds of pounds a year.

A poll conducted by British Gas has shown that almost 60 per cent of British adults on the property ladder have a list of household jobs "as long as their arm".

Millions of homeowners are overlooking basic maintenance jobs and checks – with oven cleaning, boiler services, and smoke alarm tests long overdue.

Inspecting the roof for damage, bleeding radiators, and removing limescale from showerheads were top of the list of forgotten jobs, the survey found.

While these jobs may not seem urgent, over half of those polled revealed that they have had to call in a professional for costly repairs.

Joanna Flowers, service and repair engineer from British Gas, said: “There are a lot of things to remember to keep on top of around the home, and simple maintenance jobs can easily fall by the wayside."

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"As many have experienced, overlooking these important checks and inspections can mean small problems develop into much bigger ones."

Neglecting the little jobs can get expensive, with the average price of repairs reaching over £440.

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Despite the fact that over 60 per cent have experienced problems with heating or hot water, only 20 per cent of those polled get their boilers serviced each year.

"Getting your house ready for winter isn’t just about making sure it stays nice and cosy when it’s cold outside," added Flowers, "It’s about making sure you don’t use – and pay for – excess energy in the process."

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