Mother's fury at school teaching her daughter, 8, about masturbation

Mother’s fury at primary school for teaching her eight-year-old daughter about masturbation by showing video titled ‘top signs boys are in puberty’ in sex education lesson

  • Pupils in Year 4 at Coleshill Primary School, Birmingham were shown the video
  • It taught children about male puberty and explained what wet dreams were 
  • Images of a rocket and volcano erupting were used to illustrate an erect penis 
  • The mother branded the lesson ‘disgusting’ and said ‘it was sexualising children’ 

A furious mother has hit out a primary school for teaching her eight-year-old daughter about masturbation and wet dreams.

She is disgusted with teachers for showing Year 4 pupils a video on the risqué subject.

In the three-minute clip, images of a rocket and a volcano erupting are used to illustrate an erect penis and ejaculation.

The mother said her daughter was so upset about the graphic description of boys having wet dreams, she pleaded with her not to be shown the video again.

She said: ‘I am very angry about this because I don’t want my eight-year-old daughter being taught about masturbation and wet dreams. It is far too young. My daughter said to me ‘Mummy, why do boys have wet dreams?’ She was really upset and said she didn’t want to learn about it.

‘I was stunned and didn’t know how to answer her at first. It is disgusting that this is taught in Year 4.’

The mother watched the video ‘Top signs boys are in puberty’ – produced by Amazed and was shocked at the adult content and language.

She said: ‘The words used in the video include horny, sexual desires, masturbation and erection. 

The video, titled ‘Top signs boys are in puberty’, showed a cartoon of a boy waking up in his bed after having a wet dream

The YouTube video used a volcano to represent a male ejaculation, leading to outrage from a parent

The three-minute snippet, showed to pupils at Coleshill Primary School also spoke about masturbation and ejaculation

And it used a rocket being raised to represent a penis becoming erect. But one mother said the imagery had left her eight-year-old girl feeling ‘uncomfortable’

‘I didn’t know if I was being old-fashioned, and I spoke to other parents who felt exactly the same way.

‘More so the dads. They were the angriest of all.’

The mother, who doesn’t want to be named, contacted the headteacher at Coleshill Primary School, Birmingham, where her child is a pupil.

The school has agreed not to show the video but will continue to teach about puberty to Year 4 pupils.

The mother added: ‘The head reluctantly accepted the video was inappropriate but said I couldn’t opt out of my daughter attending the lesson after the government made in compulsory in September 2021. It is disgusting and sexualising our children.

‘If a child went to school and told teachers their dad or step-dad had been saying they were horny, had sexual desires and were having wet dreams, alarm bells would ring and social services would be involved immediately

‘But the Government thinks it is OK for teachers to teach it.

‘They are too young. Let them be children because once they know about it, they will the start experimenting.’

She claims she was not notified about the school’s intention to teach the topic, which the headteacher denies.

She added: ‘I don’t think they need to know about masturbation. 

‘The school has no right to teach our children this at such a young age because they have no idea how it is going to affect them.

‘I feel that I have let my daughter down and neglected her because I didn’t know she was learning about this. She told me she felt very uncomfortable when being told about it.’ 

Coleshill Primary School, pictured, showed the three-minute YouTube video to a class of eight and nine-year-olds

During a section on masturbation, the video shows a character reaching down into his trousers with his hand and smiling 

Kicking up a stink: The school insisted that parents had been consulted about the video and its content before it was shown to pupil

But the mother said the images used were ‘sexualising’ children. Pictured is a boy putting his arm around a girl as part of the video

Headteacher Matthew Edwards said parents were consulted on all Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) lessons.

He said: ‘Parents can opt out of these lessons and get a letter informing them of the content before the lesson is taught.

‘The exact resource being referred to, has been taken out of that unit in Year 4.

‘It is an official resource for Year 4 by the scheme of work we use called SCARFE.

‘We had parent consultation before writing our RSE policy and some resources were shown.

‘The policy was written as a result of that consultation and parent consultation is an on-going process and continues.

‘The particular resource that was a concern we have taken out of that unit.

‘It is not our intention to sexualise our children whatsoever.

‘Advance notice is given to the parents prior to the teaching of those units and we have reacted on this one particular resource by not using it.

‘We are still teaching about puberty but not that content.

‘It wasn’t the focus of the lesson and that’s why we have removed it.’

A spokesperson for Coram, the children’s educational charity behind the video, said: ‘These lessons are normally taught from year 4. The timing of puberty lessons are a matter for individual schools, but are generally taught in the spring or summer term of that year. However. this is a decision made by schools who judge the age and developmental stage of their pupils.’

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