My house was raided by Boris Johnson at 6am – I thought I was dreaming, it's thrown my whole day off | The Sun

A MAN has revealed how he thought he was dreaming when Boris Johnson stormed his home in an early morning cop raid.

Zee Ramayne woke up to find the PM walking through the door of his South London home at 5.30am – telling the surprised rapper "how do you do". 

In hilarious footage, Boris can be seen in a bullet-proof vest with cops – as Zee exclaims "wagwan Boris".

Speaking to the Sun, Zee said: "I woke up this morning to my door coming off and police shouting then Boris Johnson walked through straight after him. I was shocked. 

“I thought I was dreaming. It was around 6am.

Cops apparently informed him that they were looking for something in the property but nothing was found.

"I think Boris was just there because he’s leaving and I think he was just having a bit of fun before he goes," added Zee.

He went on to say that police told him not to worry and that he had not done anything wrong but have not been in touch since and his door as still not been repaired.

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Apparently, he had "plans for the day" but the crazy raid "has just thrown me off."

As for the PM, he referenced the encounter in a speech to the media at the commissioning of HMS Anson in Barrow-in-Furness.

"The gentleman… was suddenly surprised to see me at the foot of his bed at 530 in the morning, he seemed remarkably pleased actually," said Boris.

He seemed to make light of the situation, saying: "The element of surprise is crucial."

The shock has still not worn off for Zee, who says that the Snapchat video of him meeting the PM has gone "crazy."

However, he admits that he has enjoyed the publicity and its effect on his rap career.

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He said: "I was just enjoying the weekend, partying, I’m a recording artist and so I’ve just been recording I’ve got some music coming out soon. I deffo need the publicity from it."

A man in his 20s was arrested amid the raids, however it is understood not to be the man in the video.

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