Royal Marines show off beach assault skills with Netherlands comrades

Watch out Vlad! Royal Marines open up with heavy machine guns from their landing craft as they show off their beach assault skills on manoeuvres alongside Netherlands comrades

  • Royal Marine commandos took part in a beach landing exercise in Netherlands
  • The show of force had machines guns, landing craft and armoured vehicles
  • Exercise Green Tulip took place as part of Royal Netherlands Navy celebrations

Royal Marines put on a show of power in a lively demonstration alongside Dutch allies in Den Helder as part of celebrations for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Marines from the 47 Commando Raiding Group simulated a beach landing with Korps Mariniers comrades, firing high calibre machine guns mounted on boats as landing craft stormed into the harbour and unloaded armoured vehicles.

Exercise Green Tulip took place between Dutch amphibious ship HNLMS Karel Doorman and RFA Mounts Bay, which hosted thousands of visitors.

The Royal Marines’ small boat raiding specialists are in the Netherlands to sharpen their amphibious warfare skills with their Dutch allies.

Royal Marines took part in a series of capability demonstrations alongside Dutch counterparts as part of Royal Netherlands Navy celebrations last week

The marines used landing and raiding craft, firing heavy machine guns as they approached, before offloading Viking armoured vehicles in front of the assembled crowd

The Netherlands has strongly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and provided military support, including sending 18 armoured howitzer tanks.

Though the Dutch Secretary of Defense has warned that their military is reaching the limit of what it can do, stating that their defense warehouses are getting empty.

State Secretary Christophe van der Maat of Defense said in an interview with AD that if the Netherlands were to be attacked on its own territory, Defense could only participate for ‘a few days.’

Currently the Marines are in the Netherlands and taking part in festivities marking the Netherlands’ Navy Days.

Across a weekend of celebrations, 100,000 visitors came to Den Helder – the largest naval base in the Netherlands – to show how the Royal Netherlands Navy works and celebrate its work, much like the UK’s Armed Forces Day that took place last month.

Mounts Bay was a popular attraction, with queues lining the dockside to get on board. She also acted as floating television studio for the live broadcast of events.

‘RFA Mounts Bay provided the ‘best view in Den Helder’ from our 35m high bridge and quickly became the most popular ship at Navy Days,’ said Captain Ali Clack RFA, Mounts Bay’s commanding officer.

‘Supported by 47 Commando, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary ship’s company hosted over 4,000 visitors over the weekend to view our landing craft, firefighting and navigation bridge equipment demonstrations.’

Cadet Alexandra Knight added: ‘It’s great for someone who has newly joined to see the partnership between the nations. It’s been a really fantastic experience.’

Mounts Bay and 47 Commando are now on exercises alongside Dutch counterparts that will enhance the two nations’ ability to work together.

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