Video shows thieves get away with $500K in stolen jewelry

Shocking moment two thieves wheel $500,000 worth of jewelry down Manhattan street in a TRASH CAN after robbing antiques show

  • A group of thieves recently got away with more than half a million in stolen jewelry from a New York City antique show
  • In a video obtained by NBC New York, two thieves can be seen walking down 18th Street in NYC with a trash can with the stolen items inside 
  • The items inside the box, stolen from the Metropolitan Pavilion, span hundreds of years, according to the owner of the items 
  • Three men and one woman are believed to be behind this incident, as well as another theft at the Javits Center in October  

Police in New York City are on the hunt for thieves who got away with more than $500,000 in jewelry, stolen from an antique show. 

Video of the incident, obtained by NBC New York, shows the moments an unidentified man and several accomplices get away with the items. 

To those who don’t know, it just appears like two men just walking down 18th Street in Manhattan with a trash can. 

In the trash can, however, is more than half a million dollars worth of jewelry.

One man can be seen wheeling the garbage can down the street while a second stands just feet behind him 

The two continue to walk down 18th Street in broad daylight as others walk by, unaware of the trash can’s contents 

After the woman on the left walks by, the two men stop and look at the inside of the can 

Julia Rover, the owner of the jewelry stolen, said the incident happened while the articles were at the Metropolitan Pavilion in October for an antiques show. 

Video obtained by the local news station shows the moments when a man walks into the venue and kicks off the theft. 

The man, wearing all black and a black mask, is able to check out the venue and snag a box filled with ‘priceless’ items that Rover said she spent her life collecting. 

‘It does happen in the blink of an eye when you least expect it,’ said the woman. 

After grabbing the box, the thief exits the building, places it into a trash can, and begins walking down the street with his partner in crime. 

The second unidentified man walks just feet behind the first suspect before they are seen stopping on the street and checking out the contents of the can and the box. 

Before walking down the street, the unknown man walked through the venue 

The man appeared to check out various booths while walking the floor before he grabs a box from Julia Rover’s station 

After grabbing the box, the man walks out of the Metropolitan Pavilion and onto the street where he wheels the antiques away

‘Honestly, my greatest sadness,’ Rover said of the theft. 

‘All of the pieces are unique, wearable pieces of art,’ the collector told NBC New York. 

Rover had been setting up her booth when the man came in and jacked the box. The antiques expert told the outlet that some of the jewelry items go back hundreds of years and have a rich history.  

‘The average age of these pieces is 150 years old, some go back, actually, bordering 300,’ Rover said. 

Rover has shared photos of the jewelry items stolen, including some of these rings 

This moonstone necklace was also taken by the thieves, Rover posted on Instagram

Rover called these necklaces two of her ‘favorite prettiest most identifiable pieces’ 

The antiques expert has shared photos of some of the stolen items to her public Instagram in the weeks after the theft, asking followers to keep an eye out and report any potential finds to the police. 

‘These are two of my favorite prettiest most identifiable pieces that were lost in the theft,’ Rover said of two of the necklaces taken. ‘There was a name engraved on the inside of the locket please contact me if you see them or any of the other items I’ve posted thank you for all your well wishes and help.’ 

‘All of these pieces are rare, and unusual, and have survived all this time in amazing condition,’ the woman said.  

‘It would be quite a tragedy if these items are destroyed,’ Rover said.

‘Please keep your eyes open and DM me if you see anything,’ Rover wrote on Instagram

The case remains under investigation by the NYPD. 

The police have linked the two men and two other accomplices, a man, and woman, to this crime and another recent theft at the Javits Center, according to NBC New York. reached out to the New York Police Department but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

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