'Barbie' Attacked By Right Wingers as 'Anti-Man, Feminist Trash'


Even “Barbie” cannot escape the great political divide in America, because the right has folded the flick into its culture wars, lambasting it as a “flaming garbage heap.”

Ben Shapiro jumped on Twitter Friday, saying, “My producers dragged me to see ‘Barbie’ and it was one of the most woke movies I have ever seen.”

ben shapiro

Others on the right have jumped on social media, calling the movie “feminist cancer” and “man-hating trash.”

There are also folks on the right attacking trans actor Hari Nef, who appears in the film, saying, “Women being forced to pretend men can be women.”

And, of course, there’s Rep. Matt Gaetz … his wife, Ginger, mused Ken had “disappointingly low T.”


The movie is not only funny, it has a social undertone, particularly sending a message to women about acceptance and self-love. It’s gotten almost universal praise by critics and is expected to have a spectacular weekend in terms of box office.

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