Dealership Has No Hard Feelings After Ben Afflecks Son Bumps a Lamborghini Into a BMW

An employee at a luxury car rental company explains the minor accident happened because their cars are parked tightly together, adding that they would gladly welcome the actor and his family back.

AceShowbiz -A recent fender involving Ben Affleck‘s son Samuel has been explained by an employee from 777 Exotics. Detailing how the minor accident went down, the employee assured that no one was injured and said that they would gladly welcome the actor and his family back.

The employee told Page Six that the crash happened because the cars in their lot are parked tightly together. “When [Samuel] got into the car, it jerked back and forth,” he said. “We have a small lot and the cars are close.”

“Everybody was OK!” the employee added. “They seemed happy and continued to browse.” The dealership staffer went on stating, “Affleck loves cars. We hope they come in again.”

Ben’s son Samuel accidentally backed a Lamborghini into another fancy car when he joined his father and Jennifer Lopez to the luxury car rental dealership in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 26. They were looking at various cars when the 10-year-old got his father’s permission to hop into the driver’s seat of the yellow Lambo.

When Samuel was behind the wheel, he drove the Lambo in reverse and the luxury car made contact with a white BMW, which was parked right behind the Lambo. Samuel was seen jumping out of the car and going to the back to inspect possible damage.

One of the employees from the car rental dealership also checked the back of the car, while a picture shows Ben animatedly spoke with the employees as if trying to explain something. He seemed to be relaxed in another picture though, flashing a smile while standing next to the employee. He also wrapped an arm around his son in a tight embrace, while J.Lo was glued to her phone, another photo shows.

A representative for the 49-year-old star assured that there was no damage and everyone is okay.

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