Haunted Alexa? Man Claims He Spoke To A Ghost Through His Amazon Device – WATCH!

Does this man’s Alexa need an exorcism?!

That’s what spectators on TikTok are discussing after a video went viral showing a man talking to what he believes is a ghost communicating through his Amazon device.

The footage currently going viral comes from a YouTube video from the page Really Haunted, which is run by a man named Lee who shocks his 165,000 subscribers with paranormal incidents he records within his home.

This particular supposed supernatural encounter kicks off with Lee waking up from his couch in the middle of the night by loud, bizarre banging sounds. After he comes to, Lee’s Alexa device in a nearby room suddenly turns on, and the Alexa speaker utters a chilling remark:

“She was my wife.”

Lee then asks the device:

“Who was your wife?”

Disturbingly, the Alexa speaker replies:

“You took her from me.”

Lee speaks back:

“I didn’t take anyone. Who? Tell me who you want. You’ve got the wrong person.”

The Alexa speaker then responds:

“I found her here.”

The speaker then starts to laugh (!?) before Lee turns off the device, bringing the video to an end.

After the video was re-posted on TikTok by user Ghost Toast, users quickly weighed in. Some pointed out some suspicious things about the clip, with one user writing:

“If u watch closely u can also see an orb go into his back and shortly aferwards he starts showing pain in his shoulder.”

Another commenter, meanwhile, noted an inneresting fact about the device that calls the authenticity of this video into question. They explained:

“In the Alexa app there’s a thing called drop in where you can talk through your phone and theres one that you can type and it says it in Alexas voice.”

It’s true. Alexa has drop in and announcement features that make it easy for users to send messages to your Alexa speaker, which will say them aloud.

While those features made plenty of skeptics raise their brows, others who watched the video were so freaked out they claimed they would never buy an Alexa device!

This isn’t the only eerie video on Lee’s channel, btw. The YouTuber said he runs his page to share his “love for all things spooky,” telling fans in a video:

“This channel will document my adventures at home and from around the world as i explore terrifying myths and legends in my search for proof of an after life.”

He also said the videos on his page are for entertainment purposes, sharing:

“Like all ghost hunting shows, any footage should be treated as for entertainment purposes only. These are our personal experiences living in a haunted house and haven’t been validated by any scientific institutions.”

Do U think this is the real deal, Perezcious readers? Watch the viral TikTok and full video (below) and share your thoughts in the comments.

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