Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Pair Up as the "Home Alone" Bandits For Halloween


Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were feeling the holiday spirit on Halloween. While some celebrities dressed up as the spooky Sanderson Sisters or transformed into cartoon characters, the couple, who renewed their vows earlier this year in Italy, combined holidays with their “Home Alone” inspired costumes. Biel and Timberlake shared a photo of themselves on Halloween dressed as Harry Lyme and Marv Murchins, the partners in crime who attempt to break into the McCallister house. The Instagram caption read, “Harry, it’s our calling card! All the great ones leave their marks. We’re the wet bandits!”

In the Christmas movie, Harry and Marv — sometimes known as the Wet Bandits or the Sticky Bandits — are a bumbling duo of robbers outsmarted by 8-year-old Kevin McCallister. As Kevin tries to keep himself and his home safe while his entire family is out of town, he lets his mischievous nature guide the way. To stop the robbers, Kevin lays creative traps all over the house, many of which Harry and Marv offset as they try to invade the sprawling Chicago home.

Memorably, Kevin rigs a hot iron to fall on Marv’s face through the laundry chute when he pulls on a lightbulb cord in the basement. The iron leaves a scorching red mark on his face for the remainder of the movie. Like Marv, Timberlake rocked bright red paint in the shape of an iron on his face, which, combined with his brown corduroy jacket, completed his transformation into the curly-haired bandit.

Biel also gave a nod to one of Harry’s most iconic moments in the film: when Kevin turns Harry into a chicken. In the film, Kevin manages to cover Harry in honey with a sheet of plastic wrap taped across the doorway. Once the bandit is sticky, he trips a floor fan that Kevin rigged to blow white feathers onto him. “Why the hell are you dressed like a chicken?” Marv asks Harry when the duo run into each other again. Wearing a dark gray coat and black beanie, the “Candy” actor tied her hair back and stuck white feathers on her face to re-create the classic holiday movie scene.

Together, Marv and Harry make a pretty good duo, but Biel and Timberlake deserve a round of applause for their commitment to bringing back the holiday movie villains. See the couple’s bandit transformations above, and check out more of this year’s celebrity Halloween costumes.

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