Love Island’s Kai and Sanam reveal their baby name list with some rather unusual choices

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Love Island winners Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan have found an interesting way to entertain themselves whilst relaxing in a hot tub, deciding to create some new and unusual baby names.

The couple took to TikTok to share a fun moment where they delved into the world of baby names, coming up with unique and unconventional choices that left viewers in hysterics.

Sanam revealed that she and Kai were having a conversation about potential baby names for their future children.

Their brainstorming session took an amusing turn as they ventured into uncharted territory, exploring names that they genuinely believed could make waves in the realm of baby naming.

The first name they pondered for a girl was Coachella. Kai revealed that he initially suggested T'challa, inspired by the Black Panther film. However, Sanam misheard him and thought Coachella would be an adorable name for a girl.

Continuing their quest for distinctive names, they contemplated United, which Kai described as embodying qualities such as calmness, passion, and strength, while also cheekily mentioning that being a "red" was an important criterion.

For a girl, Sanam shared her thoughts on the name Albania, which Kai playfully suggested could be shortened to "Bania" if they opted for it.

The pair also suggested the name Soil for a boy. Kai added: "Look around us all this greenery, none of this would be possible without soil", adding that it would be a strong name.

Fans rushed to the comments to share their thoughts on the unconventional choices, with one commenting: “Soil made me giggle,” while another said: “Wait soil is kinda cute.”

Another chimed in: “Agree with United”, followed by a trio of laughing emojis.

A third wrote: “Oh gosh I’m praying for your future kids”, with a laughing and crying emoji.

During their time on Love Island, Kai and Sanam participated in the baby challenge, ultimately deciding on the name Bruno for their baby boy. Fellow islander Shaq asked Kai: “What type of dad do you think you will be?”

“I’m the most laid back chilled individual going, Bruno will have a field day with me, Sanam will be the strict one," Kai replies.

Shaq decided to further question Kai about this and asks: “Can you see yourself and Sanam having kids one day maybe?”

“If things keep going how they are then without a doubt I could see us having kids," Kai admits.

"Bruno is lucky to have a mum like her; she's beautiful, intelligent, caring.”

The pair seem to be going from strength to strength four months after winning the hit ITV2 dating show, having just taken the next step in their relationship and moving into their first place together, They wore matching red and white varsity jackets as they announced their big news in their first vlog for their YouTube channel, The Kai and Sanam Show.

Sitting on the sofa together, Kai said: "I know it might only be small but it's our first home together. It's a massive step. We're loving it so far."

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