Rob Brydon admits moment he became successful was worst time in life

Rob Brydon says his success came at ‘the worst time in life’

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Comedian Rob Brydon revealed that becoming successful, in his eyes, “equated with the worst” and most “turbulent” time in his life. Rob, 57, cites his first big period of success to be when he appeared on a “couple of BBC shows, then going onto Parkinson” as well as featuring in Sunday Times articles.

The actor explained that despite his struggles, his “turbulent” and tough period, which came amid his heartbreaking divorce, was eventually a good thing.

He added “It has to be a good thing in the long run. It has meant that I have never been fooled by the idea that if your show is number one, you’re going to be happy. It’s a sort of balance”.

Rob Brydon has been in showbiz for over 35 years landing big roles on our screens.

He is known for his comedic acting and super sharp anecdotes – but arguably is most loved for his breakout role playing Uncle Bryn in Gavin and Stacey.

Rob shared a number of special memories he had regarding his personal and work life in the Rockwater podcast, where he spoke to comedy legend Ronnie Corbett’s daughter, Sophie Corbett, 55.

He said one of his “biggest achievements by far” was his children whilst very quickly adding of his parenting skills “I am not [laughing] saying I am particularly good at it”.

Rob’s eldest three children are to his first wife Martina Fitchie, whom he divorced in 2006. And his youngest two are to current partner Clare Holland, a TV producer who he married in 2006.

Rob has five children ranging from 11 to 28 years-old, and discussed how they all have some sort of creative flare. He also said the middle three are “witty” which makes him “very happy.”

Sophie Corbett credited Rob by saying “to be a family man and get a balance is so rare.” She compared this quality to something her father possessed.

Rob, a keen golfer, was joined by Ronnie Corbett on the day his wife went into labour with his son.

Despite the arrival being nine days early, Rob shared the memory of Ronnie speeding in the golf buggy as much as he could – in the attempt to get him back home.

Speaking to Saga Magazine, Rob mentioned that in the past, he had turned down a West End musical after “receiving a warning about its possible detriment on his family life”.

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Rob said: “I’ve always wanted to do something… proper.

“I would have signed up for a big West End musical, but I was warned about the impact that has on your family.”

He made it clear he always wanted to be present in his children’s upbringing and by saying “family comes first”.

Rob added “when anyone asks me about going to Hollywood, I give them the same answer.

“If it means being away from Clare the kids for six months, I’m not interested”.

Although he did mention reconsidering “maybe when they’ve finished school, but at the moment family comes first”.

Rob will appear with Jim Carter in at the Kiln Theatre and Cinema, London in a question and answer session this spring in May.

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