'Rust' Production Moving from New Mexico, Possibly to California

‘Rust’ being a western flick, it’s fitting authorities in New Mexico are now reportedly saying either pay up or get outta town.

The troubled movie production will begin hunting for locations to shoot, including Southern California, this according a statement from a ‘Rust’ attorney to Deadline.

As for why the Alec Baldwin western may be bailing from New Mexico … Deadline reports there are legal issues. The production was fined $136,793 by the New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau for “willful and serious” workplace violations … something the production is fighting. There’s apparently no way the production could get permits until that issue is resolved.

There were also allegations the production owes others money that is long overdue.

Of course, there’s also the tragic, accidental fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. One insider connected to the production told Deadline, “It’s emotionally difficult for the crew and the cast to return to the same place.”

As we reported, the D.A. has not received the results of the Sheriff’s investigation, but prosecutors say no one has been cleared from possible charges, including Baldwin.

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