Shark Bites OFF Fisherman's Finger In Horrifying Viral Video – Watch IF YOU DARE!!

No, no, no, no! This is AWFUL!

A new video has gone viral on TikTok and it is truly terrifying!! In the clip filmed on Wednesday, a fisherman named Brett Reeder in Content Keys, Florida (south of Miami) is seen bending over his boat to take his finishing hook out of a 6-foot lemon shark’s mouth — but the sea creature had plans of his own and ended up ripping off his finger! Yikes!!

In the clip, Brett was surrounded by young children as he dealt with the shark. Things went awry when the animal wiggled around, causing his finger to land in its mouth! After the bloody incident went down, Brett yelled:

“F**k! I lost my goddamn pinky! F**k!”

Though we should note that his tone of voice was remarkably calm, all things considering! Check out the video (below) — but be warned that it is very graphic (and includes a lot of blood)!

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