Steve And Marjorie Harvey Are Serving Black Love And Looks In Paris

Of the many things Steve and Marjorie Harvey do well, a few that stand out include their ability to dress well, to turn heads, and to look madly in love at all times.

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The fabulous couple have joined a number of stars and big names in fashion for Paris Fashion Week in the City of Love. They’ve shown off some fierce fits already, as well as how crazy about each other they still are after 15 years of marriage (an anniversary they celebrated last month). An example of that is the way Steve looked at Marjorie when she waltzed into the room as they prepared to head out, both rocking Versace. He had to take a step back to take in all her beauty, joking “I want it” when she asked if he was ready to go. She responded, “You’ve already got it!” The two shared a kiss before strutting out in style, holding hands as they exited. Take a peek for yourself.

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The couple certainly know how to make a grand and fashionable exit. Steve also shared a video of them walking out of their accommodations in the city, rocking a couple show-stopping ensembles.

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Wherever they go, whatever they do while in Paris, just know they’re going to do it holding hands, looking like money, honey.

Just last month their daughter Lori talked about how the couple’s love is relationship goals for her.

“They have the best love,” she told Us Weekly. “Their biggest thing I think is making communication key. Being on the same page. Like maintaining a friendship. Still liking each other after so many years because of course the love is always going to be there but being able to be like, ‘I really like this person, I like hanging out with them, I have a good time with them. I can laugh and just kick it and hang out.’ That’s really important.”

And we see that every time Steve and Marjorie grace the ‘gram with their presence in a some of our favorite cities.

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