Will Has "A Lot More to Lose" Than Harry in Their Royal Feud, According to Experts

When future historians look back on the royal family’s biggest scandals, Prince William and Prince Harry’s royal rift will almost definitely make the list. Honestly, at this point, if it *doesn’t* make the list, we should all be worried about the intense royal family scandals that lie ahead because the William/Harry feud has become a ~whole thing~ that just refuses to end (here’s a detailed timeline of all the drama, if you need it).

Royal fans who were holding out hope that Will and Harry would bury the hatchet and mend their brotherly bond while Harry and his family were back in the U.K. for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this month were met with nothing but profound disappointment. While a total stranger to the situation wouldn’t have seen any overt evidence of a feud, they also would not have seen any overt evidence that Will and Harry were related…or even knew each other, honestly.

Instead of posing for the “we’ve-obviously-made-up-and-are-BFFs-again” photo ops of our dreams, the brothers seemed to avoid each other as much as was actually, logistically possible during the four-day event (see: their seating arrangements at the sole event they both attended and all the hubbub about Will’s family missing the party Harry and Meghan Markle threw for their daughter Lilibet’s first birthday). This all added to up to royal fans, experts, and, really anyone who knows anything about the situation concluding that Will and Harry are still officially not on good terms.

Will and Harry’s feud is a regular topic of discussion for royal experts. While most experts agree it would be better for everyone involved in/affected by the rift for the brothers to make up, The Sun‘s former royal editor, Duncan Larcombe, recently offered a bolder take, saying that Will “has to start showing some leadership” and step up and figure out a solution because, TBH, the stakes are higher for him.

“William has got a lot more to lose than Harry,” he explained during an interview with g The Daily Beast. “The monarchy could be lost on his watch.”

Larcombe didn’t stop there though. He went on to point out exactly why it would be very reasonable for members of the public to put the onus to solve the problem on Will.

“If William wants to be a future king, a great leader giving inspiring addresses about the environment to two billion people, then the public are within their rights to expect him to be able to sort out a frankly pretty minor dispute with his brother,” Larcombe said, adding that Will should “pick up the phone” and take the lead in reconciling with Harry because “if he really does believe he is the chap chosen by god to be king, then he should be capable of sorting out this row with his brother.”

When you put it that way, it doesn’t NOT seem like a valid point (but, as always, we’re just rooting for the reconciliation to happen, regardless of who takes the first step).

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