Bride dubbed ‘selfish’ for charging wedding guests £12 each for unlimited bar

Weddings are expensive dos – especially for the bride and groom – so maybe that's why one bride decided to ask guests to cough up towards the bar bill at her wedding.

To help cut the cost a bride decided it may be a good idea to ask her wedding reception guests to pay $15 (£12) for unlimited alcohol, as an alternative to having a cash bar or a bar that was completely free to guests.

But the idea hasn't gone down well with a lot of people after a screenshot of the woman’s post was published in Reddit’s wedding shaming forum, alongside the caption “pay for my honeymoon if you want a drink".

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The idea has caused a lot of controversy in the forum with some people deeming the idea to be "selfish."

It even begins with the person asking: "Is this selfish… $15 unlimited drinks?"

Asking people to read the entire post before sharing their views, the woman adds: "For the reception we are kinda doing an open bar with a friend bartending!

"It will be unlimited drinks… BUT there will be a MANDATORY ONE TIME $10 (£8) to our honeymoon or new house fund and a MANDATORY ONE TIME $5 (£4) tip to the bartender.

"So when you go to get your first drink you pay $15 total and the rest of the night is FREE no tips required unless you want to tip the bartender again."

She continued: "Is that selfish? I told my family that and they said if I’m going to have an open bar I shouldn't make anyone put money to our honeymoon… WE ARE PAYING FOR THE WHOLE THING BY OURSELF WITH NO HELP.

"I think it’s fair and fine. And I don't see anyone complaining.

"If they don’t like it then obviously they won’t be drinking."

The post has left people quite torn, with some saying it's questionable while others think it seems to be a pretty good idea.

Meanwhile a few have suggested the idea was alright in itself, but it was the bride's attitude that appeared more problematic.

One person wrote: "I think this is worded poorly. If she said $15 to help cover costs, I think people would take it better than talking about a honeymoon fund.

"Too many details but I much prefer this over a regular cash bar."

A second agreed, adding: "I’m all for this. It could be executed a little better, but $15* for unlimited drinks? What a bargain!

"Went to a wedding last year where we managed to wipe the venue clean out of all drinks (alcohol and otherwise), it would have been cheaper for us all to contribute to an open bar!"

A third disagreed, and argued: "So it's a cash bar. Just call it what it is. If they are paying, it's not free.

"And of course you are paying for the whole wedding yourself no help. That's how it works honey. Get a grip. It's a wedding.

"You are receiving gifts from a wedding registry and money already! Stop acting like you aren't getting stuff out of this.

"This constitutes tacky for me."


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