Primary school teacher explains school report phrases mean something different

A primary school teacher has gone viral on TikTok after revealing what the common phrases used in school reports really mean.

The educator known online as 'Mr A' took to the platform with some classic sentences that parents are used to seeing in the end-of-term reposts and the hilarious meanings behind each one.

In the video, which has gained more than 260,000 likes, he explained: "What teachers actually meant in your school report?

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"Claire has fantastic humour… Claire bullies me. Nicky is always keen to share her ideas… Nicky shouts out in class all the time.

"Stuart is very energetic… Stuart's done a runner 62 times this year. Alice is a very observant member of the class… Alice loves to know everybody's gossip.

"Kate loves to show expansive knowledge of drama to show her wide range of knowledge… Kate's just a big old drama queen."

TikTok users were left in hysterics over the video as parents claimed they had read some of them about their own children or even themselves back in the day.

One user wrote: "'Amy is disruptive in class' 'Amy talks too much' I guess my teachers said what they really meant."

Another added: "Alice is so true lol."

A third said: "Mine would always, without fail, say 'Liam is a pleasure to teach but needs to contribute more'. It's the same at parents' evening even now."

A fourth commented: "HAHAHA mine said I had to show up more pay more attention and put more effort in."

The news comes after the most "unfortunate" children's name has been revealed by a substitute teacher who said she was left baffled by the spelling of the moniker of a girl in her class.

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In a video, uploaded on TikTok by user @kboyce614, the teacher explains how the parents' choice of baby name was so bizarre she had to ring up her sister and tell her about it.

"It was spelled A–a," she reveals, adding that "it's a point of pride in me that I pronounce kids' names correctly" and normally she has no trouble guessing the right way.

Unfortunately, this time she had no idea and hazarded a guess that it was pronounced, "Ay–ya" but the kid was quick to correct her and said: "It's Adasha."


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