Plastic surgery fans before ops – from Bratz wannabe to Europes biggest boobs

After days spent on Zoom and social media, cosmetic surgery is continuing to boom across the UK.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) says its doctors were reporting up to 70% increases in requests for virtual consultations during lockdown as people were staring at their own faces every day.

While people are back in the office, social media and Zoom calls are still prevalent. And for the most part, this figure has remained the same.

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From breast augmentations and Botox to lip fillers and veneers, they’ve all had a resurgence.

Here we take a look at some people who look unrecognisable thanks to cosmetic surgery.

Bratz doll wannabe

Stefanie Mullic, 21, from Sweden, calls herself a "living Bratz doll" and has revealed what she looked like before spending thousands of pounds on plastic surgery.

In a fresh-faced before photo she previously shared on Instagram she looks completely different, as the only body modification she’d had was lip fillers.

She first got lip fillers when she was just 13 – and she now spends £14,000 each year on surgery.

By 17, the Swede felt ready to try different procedures and had more lip fillers which made her feel the "best she had ever done".

Stefanie said having big lips helps her achieve the perfect doll look, with her inspiration coming from Bratz and Barbie.

Since then, she has had her lips, chin, cheeks, brows and jawline altered, as well as her smile lines and teeth done.

She has also had a breast augmentation and plans on having other surgeries in the future, such as rib removal surgery, a facelift, butt implants, hip implants, buccal fat removal and silicone lip implants.

Woman with 'biggest breasts in Europe'

Martina Big claims she has the “biggest breasts in Europe” – and with 32T as her bra size she is most likely right!

The 33-year-old model, from Germany, is famous for having multiple boob jobs to achieve this, even if it risks her health.

But what did she look like before her extremetransformation ?

The influencer shared a throwback picture on Instagram, in which she looks completely different.

While Martina has curvy 32D boobs in the photo taken 10 years ago, her curves are significantly reduced.

The most obvious thing that has changed is her breasts but she’s also had her legs, hips and waist narrowed, a nose job, lips fillers and porcelain veneers fitted.

Model with 54-inch bust

Allegra Cole is known for her large breasts – but she looked completely different 10 years ago.

The curvy model, from Orange County, USA, shared an old photo of herself before she had the majority of work she's had now.

While she looks just as bronzed and toned as she did back then and she'd already had a boob job, the 51-year-old is a lot curvier nowadays.

The former piano teacher went under the knife to boost her boobs to 54 inches using 4,600 CC implants.

She’s also dyed her hair peroxide blonde and had a tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift, lip fillers and Botox.

In total, Allegra estimates she has spent a whopping $75,000 (around £57,700) on surgery.

Glam OnlyFans creator

Maddison Fox, 29, is an OnlyFans content creator from Sussex who has become known for her plastic surgery procedures.

She recently shared photos of what she looked like before surgery with Daily Star.

The model had her first cosmetic procedure when she was 21 years old – and she didn’t stop there.

So far she has had three boob jobs, veneers, Botox and fillers and she still wants to get a nose job, Brazilian Butt Lift, fox eye surgery and eyelid surgery.

She first started getting cosmetic surgery after being inspired by lad magazines and page three models.

Maddison previously told us that her end goal is to look more “perfect, Instagrammable and doll-like”.

Despite what others may think, the 29-year-old said she knows when to stop getting work done as she isn’t addicted.

NHS worker who spent £18k

Sophie McDonald, 29, used to weigh almost 23 stone until a mum humiliated her in a clothes shop.

This led the NHS worker to spend £18,000 for two rounds ofplastic surgeryor the transformation of her dreams.

Sophie McDonald used to gorge on waffles and Nutella for breakfast before ballooning to 22st 9lb and a size 24.

But she transformed her appearance to now look “unrecognisable” after a mother made a cruel comment about her weight while shopping. cruel comment.

Sophie altered her diet and embraced exercising before dropping eight stone.

And recently she completed the transformation with a tummy tuck, a bilateral arm lift, a reverse tummy tuck and liposuction.

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