Travis Scott Defends Buying $5.5M Bugatti Amid $10 Billion Astroworld Lawsuits

Travis Scott was recently spotted driving around in one of the rarest (and most) expensive Bugattis. However, the rapper has received criticism for flashing the million-dollar ride in the wake of the Astroworld Festival tragedy. Despite the backlash, Travis is defending himself.

Earlier this month, we reported that that Travis was spotted behind the wheel of a Bugatti Veyron Chiron Super Sport in Brentwood, California.

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Only 30 models of the car have ever been made, which explains why the Bugatti Veyron starts at $3.5 million. However, Travis reportedly spent $5.5 million on the luxurious ride after customizations.

But Travis’ ride was quick to spark backlash from the public, including the family of 9-year-old Ezra Blount, who died during the crowd surge of the 2021 edition of Astroworld Festival.

Speaking to TMZ, the family’s attorney, Bob Hillard, said Travis’ sports car isn’t a good look for. Hillard added that if Travis had spent half of what he did on the Bugatti on additional safety measures for the festival, it could’ve saved lives.

Hillard added that driving the Bugatti was “excessive,” and that the public should scrutinize his moves following the fatal festival.

While Travis hasn’t directly responded to the backlash himself, his representative released a statement defending his million-dollar ride. The rep said that the car was purchased well over a year before Astroworld, and this is just the media’s attempt at making Travis look bad.

“This latest attempt to exploit Astroworld victims and gaslight the media and the public is a new low,” the representative told TMZ. “The car referenced was purchased way back in 2020 (well before the tragic events at Astroworld), and covered widely by the media — including TMZ — at that time.”

The rep continued, “Misrepresenting a two-year-old car purchase to make an unprovoked and unjustified attack on Travis Scott is nothing more than another desperate publicity stunt to try to falsely blame Travis and intentionally manipulate public opinion, which won’t work.”

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Travis is being named in multiple lawsuits stemming from Astroworld. It’s been reported that the total value of all the lawsuits is over $10 billion.

10 people died at the Astroworld Festival, including several minors. Despite the tragic event, Travis recently booked his first festival performance since Astroworld and has continued to perform.

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