BBC Breakfast viewers brand Charlie Stayt’s interview with Rita Ora ‘flirty’ and ‘excruciating’

Viewers branded BBC Breakfast presenter Charlie Stayt's interview with Rita Ora as “flirty” and “excruciating” as she appeared on the show to promote her new music.

The singer, 32, appeared on the news chat show on Saturday morning (15 July), where she opened up about her new album and relationship with husband Taika Waititi.

However, just before the began talking about her music, Rita and host Charlie had an awkward moment of banter, which some fans called "excruciating" online.

Rita joked that "it takes a village" to do her hair and make-up before saying she enjoyed being on the later part of the show because it’s “not really the news”.

The singer said: "I'm so happy to be here, I love this part of the show as I feel like this is when you guys can get loose a little bit, it's not really the news, do you know what I mean?"

To which Charlie teasingly replied: "You come in here telling us what we can and cannot do, it's none of your business if you think this is the fun bit or not!"

The interview took another awkward turn moments later when Charlie asked if Rita had performed at Glastonbury Festival before.

The Don’t Think Twice hitmaker then replied: "I did, I performed on the Pyramid stage actually."

Charlie admitted: "You did, I should have known that," to which Rita said: "Well, you weren't there."

Viewers on Twitter found themselves cringing at the interaction, with one person writing: "Excruciating watching Charlie interview Rita Ora, very odd man."

Another person wrote: "This ain't awkward at all #bbcbreakfast #ritaora."

Meanwhile, a third person wrote: ""None of her business', bit rude eh Charlie #bbcbreakfast?"

Or as someone else put it: "Charlie Bouffant massively flirting with Rita Ora. Mate, behave yourself, she’s half your age. She’s dropped the husband word in twice to fend him off."

Rita is currently promoting her new album You&I, which covers her relationship to her husband Taika, who she met in 2021 and married in January this year.

However, the star recently opened up on how she'd almost "given up" on meeting someone before the couple fell for each other.

She told The Sun: “A couple of my friends had been like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m pregnant’ or ‘Oh gosh, I’m getting married’. Life is happening and everyone is getting older and I felt like it was something that is very relatable.

“People think, ‘Oh well, what about me?’ I thought it was a vulnerable and insightful position for me. I think it connects us – especially girls and women and the social pressure we feel we have to reach.”

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