Chase star Paul Sinha proposed to husband after drunken epiphany

The Chase star Paul Sinha is appearing on a special episode of Celebrity Gogglebox tonight (July 1) that will mark the 50th anniversary of Pride.

Sinha is appearing alongside some of the UK's most loved LGBTQ+ personalities including Rylan Clark and Nick Grimshaw.

The 52-year-old quizzer came out as gay to his family when he was 35 and has been open about his sexuality since being in the public eye.

For tonight's Pride anniversary special episode of Celebrity Gogglebox, Paul will be joined on the sofa by his husband.

As the couple get set to share their views with the nation, here's everything we know about who The Chase star's husband is.

Who is Paul Sinha's husband Oliver Levy?

Paul Sinha's husband is Oliver Levy, and unlike Paul, Levy likes to stay out of the spotlight.

Paul and Oliver started dating in 2016 and in 2020 the quizzer shared a funny anecdote with his Twitter fans about how his father found out about their relationship.

Tweeting a picture of Oliver at the till in Sainsbury's with Paul's dad queuing behind them, Sinha wrote: "2016, two months into dating, we got to Sainsburys. Me 'be prepared, we might bump into my Dad and he doesn't know about you' Then…"

Their relationship blossomed since, and in 2019 Paul proposed to Oliver. Appearing on Loose Women earlier this year, Paul opened up about their engagement.

He admitted: "It was over Christmas, I was drunk. I had a drunken epiphany that I wanted him to be part of my family officially rather than just unofficially.

"Plus, it's nice to have your day in the sun, a day that's just about you two."

Eleven months later they tied the knot and have been happily married for three years now.

Paul described his wedding day as "the greatest day of my life", but it didn't start blissfully.

In a blog post about his wedding, Paul revealed: "For the longest hour-and-a-quarter of my life, everything went wrong.

"I am about to have an absolute breakdown, when a friend takes me outside the pub and says, 'This is your wedding. Things go wrong.

"'When I got married, you wouldn't believe how many things went wrong. This is your day. These are your people. Now, go out there and enjoy yourself.'"

But things worked out in the end, he continued: "Instead of destroying the greatest day of my life, I then went on to have the greatest day of my life."

Paul Sinha's Parkinson's diagnosis

While 2019 was a happy year for the couple, Sinha also suffered some devastating news when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's in May.

The Chaser was forced to drop out of the spin-off series of the show, Beat The Chasers, due to his illness.

While talking to the panelists on Loose Women in April, Paul also opened up about how his husband Oliver has helped him since his diagnosis.

He revealed that Oliver helps him get dressed, saying: "I have to wake up, find the shirt and then wake Oliver up and say put the shirt on for me.

"You can see that I am sitting here with my right hand not moving much, that's its default state. Everything you usually take for granted just takes longer."

He went on to talk about how Oliver had been a "great support" throughout his battle with Parkinson's, adding: "My husband Oliver is quite calm and pragmatic person. He doesn't panic about things. He has been a great support."

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