Corrie fans baffled by Stephen’s accent as he returns to soap after 15 years

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Coronation Street saw Audrey Roberts' son Stephen return to the cobbles for the first time in 15 years on Friday night (June 24).

But ITV viewers seemed to be rather distracted by Stephen's accent during the episode.

Actor Todd Boyce reprised his role as Stephen this week, but the soap wasted no time in throwing him into the deep end.

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In dramatic scenes, Stephen discovered his mum Audrey (Sue Nicholls) collapsed unconscious on the floor after falling over the previous evening.

He had to break a door in to find poor Audrey, who had been trapped underneath a motorbike all night, and get her to a hospital.

Stunned Stephen managed to call an ambulance to attend to Audrey, but he was fuming with the Platt family as they'd left her alone all evening.

He directed his anger at his sister Gail Platt (Helen Worth) who definitely did not expect to see Stephen.

He told her: "Never mind me, what about mum? How have you let this happen? None of you even noticed she was missing?"

However, fans were more concerned with Stephen's accent, which is now Canadian as he moved there years ago.

One wrote: "Stephens voice. What’s all that about? It’s……..weird."

Another asked: "Steven/Stephen…how have you managed that 'Canadian' accent."

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