‘Don’t listen!’ Bradley Walsh hits out at Anne Hegerty over ‘team dummy’ remark

The Chase: Anne calls contestant the 'team dummy'

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In a classic episode of The Chase shown on Wednesday, the Chaser, 63, complained about the quality of the team after the first two players, Rob and Dimitra, amassed £13,000 between them. Hoping the third player, Fran, would be the “weak link,” Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty branded her “the team dummy” after she won £4,000 in her cash builder. She went on to admit she was in “a bad mood” over the players’ performances on the ITV show.

“Hello Fran, the psychologist,” Anne sighed as she took her seat to play against the 25-year-old.

“Hello,” Fran replied, before swiftly adding: “Assistant psychologist!”

“Whatever kind of psychologist you are, I’m in a bad mood now,” Anne complained.

“You’re going to need therapy after I’ve finished with you.”

Later, host Bradley Walsh turned to the rest of the team to ask them to share their advice

Steve commented: “I think we’re building up a good amount of money here, and I think you should bring back the £4,000.”

Dimitra told Fran she was capable of taking the high offer of £50,00 but to go for the £4,000 if she feels more comfortable.

“Four is a nice amount of money,” she remarked.

“I’m going to stick with the four,” Fran decided, turning back to Anne.

“In most games, £4,000 is a very decent cash builder, here it’s making you look like the team dummy,” Anne said harshly.

“Take no notice,” Bradley commented quickly. “Don’t listen to that!”

“Yeah, I’ll just block it out,” Fran replied. The assistant psychologist managed to prove herself by sailing through the next round to rejoin her team.

However, Steve turned out to be the one for Anne to catch, and after gaining £2,000 on his cash builder, he was caught by the chaser.

This left the first three contestants to face The Governess in the final chase.

Unfortunately, the trio only managed to score a total of 12 places ahead.

Bradley pointed out: “We’ll need some pushback… and plenty of them.”

Anne quipped: “I think the pressure of knowing they’re meant to be a super-team may have got to them a little!”

However, the chaser ended up struggling with her questions and only narrowly caught up with the team.

With seconds to spare, Anne managed to wipe out the team and was applauded by her competitors.

Afterwards, Bradley explained: “Four attempts to push back, four executed. Well played. Caught with six seconds to go!”

Shocked, he continued: “That, let me tell you, is only one more question! In real money, or indeed Steve.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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