EastEnders heartbreak as Denise Fox’s cheating could be exposed

EastEnders teases drama for Walford’s women in trailer

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Fans know Denise (played by Diane Parish) was finally about to give in after being persuaded by Ravi (Aaron Thiara) to meet her at a hotel room. When she was set to walk out of the door on Wednesday’s episode, Jack (Scott Maslen) dropped the bombshell that he’d found her hotel key, so had worked out she was lying about going to visit her daughter in Oxford. Even if she manages to free herself from Jack’s suspicions, it seems the EastEnders couple are still at risk of being torn apart very soon, with BBC spoilers revealing further twists in the affair plot.

While it’s clear there’s a spark between Denise and Ravi, the married woman has so far managed to swerve his attempts to lure her away from Jack.

It doesn’t help that her marriage is suffering, with a stressed-out Jack neglecting to think about Denise recently.

She has also been feeling very underappreciated as the police officer keeps losing his temper and yelling at her despite her doing all she can to help out with the trouble his children are currently going through.

However, Wednesday’s episode saw Denise kissing Ravi after being cornered by him in the street.

Now they have started something, and Denise was preparing to join Ravi at the hotel before Jack let slip that he knew she was lying to him.

Based on next week’s official spoilers, it seems she may be able to lie herself out of the situation – but for how much longer?

Denise and Ravi face a tense run-in at the Minute Mart in scenes yet to air.

A guilty Denise tries to seduce her husband while he works from home, but she’s stunned when she realises Jack is investigating Ravi when she spots a picture of him on Jack’s laptop.

She begins to panic that her cheating might have been exposed if Ravi is being watched by the police.

Later, the couple is horrified to learn that Jack’s schoolgirl daughter Amy Mitchell (Ellie Dadd) had overheard Ravi’s promiscuous behaviour whilst at Davinder ‘Nugget’ Gulati’s (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury) house.

Jack rages about the example being set to Amy and heads over to have words with Ravi.

A quick-thinking Denise soon interjects though and offers to speak to Ravi instead.

At Walford East, a smug Ravi tells Denise that she has nothing to worry about, leaving her more concerned than ever.

The two kissed in Walford, so it’s likely if Ravi is being observed someone could have seen.

Also, it’s unclear whether she ends up meeting him at the hotel – if so, someone probably knows about it.

To add insult to injury, Ravi’s concerning behaviour indicates he won’t have much of a problem with breaking up her marriage.

Perhaps Ravi realises the police are on to him and, knowing Jack is part of the local police force, leads them right to his and Denise’s affair.

It could be that the troubled Walford favourite is eventually tempted by Ravi and he’s aware Jack will be watching on.

Ravi has recently witnessed Denise in an upset state after Jack’s harsh words and probably believes that by breaking them up he is helping her to be free of Jack.

However, Denise isn’t the cheating type and is probably determined to fix her marriage problems rather than turn to Ravi.

Will the affair be exposed in a typical public way on the soap? Or will Jack remain oblivious as he looks into Ravi’s activity?

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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