EastEnders Nish murder sealed as fans work out never done before storyline

EastEnders fans think they have worked out the upcoming “never done before” storyline that soap bosses have been teasing.

A trailer for next week's action on Albert Square shows several of the BBC show's female characters in turn, before a voiceover says “in a flash, everything changes”.

Soap fans took to social media site Reddit to discuss what the secret plot could involve, with the murder of Nish Panesar being a popular choice.

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One Reddit user said: “So after today’s episode, (16/02) I have a theory.

“I have a feeling all the women are going to get together and work together to cut him (Nish) out the deal and something goes wrong. Perhaps a murder? They all cover for each other? (Or are at least all loosely involved in some way).

“Here me out… Based off the trailer. Suki – Obvious, she’s in the eye of the storm. Finally has enough of Nish after he goes behind her back to get the Vic.

“Linda – She wants to stay in the Vic. Pressure building, she finally snaps.

“Stacey – Protecting Eve? Also rents from Nish & Suki

“Kathy – Past experience with controlling men. Somehow gets wrapped up because Sharon mentioned the gym to her. Perhaps she does buy it.

“Denise – Ravi is Nish’s son. She’s involved with Ravi. Also connected to Linda via the Salon.

“Sharon – Wants the Vic also, protecting Linda.

“These women also all own businesses… and what does Nish like to collect like Infinity stones?

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“Now obviously this is a stretch lol, but it makes sense why these women are in the trailer. Plus why isn’t Eve in it? The one character player we have in this? Suspicious…”

One reply agreed, saying: “Nish has has a 'killed in a whodunnit' vibe for a long time.”

Another added: “Man, I can't stand Nish the character, but the actor is doing fantastic at portraying him as this nasty, conniving man.”

The original poster then replied: “I think it would be very interesting and exciting to watch the women of the square band band together to take down this man. Especially as he is obviously somewhat misogynistic… female power rise! Lol.

“I think he feels like quite a 2D character though, as much as he may be portraying this manipulative husband role well, it just feels a little flat.

“But who knows! Maybe next week when it all kicks off we’ll get that depth.”


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