Emmerdales Amelia exit, Nicolas attacker revealed and Mackenzie strays

Emmerdale viewers are in for another turbulent ride as things are about to reach boiling point for certain characters next week.

After discovering that having a baby in the village wouldn't be smooth sailing, Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that Amelia Spencer will soon make a drastic decision to leave.

Once she tells Noah Dingle about her plans, he tries to convince her to stay, but will she listen?

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Elsewhere, Nicola King is left perplexed and scared when she thinks she recognises one of the girls from her vicious attack.

And Mackenzie Boyd tells his partner Charity Dingle that he longs to have another baby which leaves her annoyed.

But when Charity tells him to try with someone else, he puts her idea into action.

Amelia exit 'sealed'

Amelia is warmed by Noah’s continuous support as he's determined to be there for her as she continues to battle through her pregnancy woes.

Later on, Amelia is left gleeful when she and Noah finally make their relationship official.

But worried that Dan will never accept Noah, she asks him to run away with her to London and not tell anyone of their whereabouts.

However Amelia is devastated when Noah decides he doesn't want to join her in London but remains hellbent on going through with it. Can Noah convince her to stay?

Not long after, Dan turns pale when Charles informs him he’s overheard Amelia’s plan to do a runner and is consumed with panic when a bus pulls away from the village.

Has Amelia already gone?

Nicola's attacker 'revealed'

Things seem to be hotting up with Nate and Naomi as they continue to flirt and enjoy each other's company next week and when Ethan and Marcus invite them to a barbecue that night, they agree to tag along.

Seeing that Naomi is here to stay, Charles puts her name forward for work at the Cafe.

Later on in the week, Manpreet’s secretly filled with dread when Charles persuades her to attend a barbeque that Naomi will also be attending.

But while at the barbeque, Naomi’s annoyed when Charles meddles in her relationship with Nate.

The Emmerdale vicar is soon left feeling hurt when Naomi tells him it’s too late for fatherly advice and to stay out of her business.

However the niceties don’t last long before Manpreet puts her foot down with Naomi and the pair end up exchanging rather harsh words.

Later, vying for a job at the Cafe, Naomi’s reassured when Amelia gives her advice on how to win Brenda over and Naomi’s surprised when she gets offered a position at the cafe.

Dropping her off for her first day, Nate and Naomi’s flirtatious banter continues as she later settles into her first day at work.

However Nicola, who also works at the cafe is left gobsmacked when she recognises Naomi’s voice and trainers from the day of her vicious attack.

Mackenzie strays

Mackenzie struggles with trying to express his feelings to Charity about having children and decides to take her to a wellness retreat to talk things through.

While on the retreat, Charity and Mack’s foray into mediation is disastrous as they ditch the session, laughing as they do.

As they start to share a passionate kiss, Charity worries that they haven’t been intimate since the loss of their baby.

Pouncing on the opportunity, Mack shares that he wants to try for another baby fairly soon.

However when Charity storms off after hearing the idea, Mack knows he’s messed up.

Mackenzie and Charity are left at a stalemate when she calls him out for being insensitive about trying for another baby so soon.

After discussing the idea, Charity’s adamant a baby is off the table but Mack refuses to give up on the chance of having a child with her.

Unable to see eye to eye, Mackenzie is hurt when wretched Charity insists that if he wants to have a baby, it won’t be with her and tells him it's best if he goes elsewhere.

Later, after opening up to Moira, Charity is intent on fixing things with Mack completely unaware he’s in bed with a mysterious woman.

Later, a sheepish Mackenzie returns home and is surprised when Charity doesn’t rule out another baby in the future.

The two are reunited however a dark cloud now looms over their relationship. Will he come clean about what he's done?


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