I was catfished for years by a ‘gangster’, reveals Geordie Shore’s Nathan | The Sun

FORMER Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry has opened up on being catfished for years.

The star joined the long-running MTV series Catfish UK as a guest presenter.

But Nathan, 31, discovered on the show that one man he was flirting with online, was not all what it seemed.

He said: "Even when you have your doubts about something – you want it to be real, you hold on to anything you can."

The reality TV star revealed he initially connected with a man called Drew back in 2019.

He explained: "This guy was like we started talking it was pretty cool. It was around the time when I was doing Celebs Go Dating so obviously, it was never going to end up being anything serious with them.


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"That was fine because I had filming so I didn't see anything bad then."

But when Nathan wanted to meet for drinks, his potential fling kept on making excuses, and when the online persona said he was a gangster, Nathan feared properly questioning him.

He told The Mirror: "I was like, 'Well, I'm not gonna question anything, because I do not want to be involved in anything'.

"I was like, 'I'd like to FaceTime you and speak on the phone', and he was like: 'Nathan, I've told you, because of my job and stuff like that I can't let anyone trace this back to me and get you in danger."

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But despite the scare details, the Newcastle native said he tried to be there for the online date.

The Geordie Shore star said: "He told me about his dad dying and, I tried to help him through the grieving process. He didn't have much family left – didn't have any friends he could rely on.

"With his work and stuff, not many people knew he was gay so the only person he could confide in was me, It got deep on an emotional level really fast because we were constantly talking."

However Nathan soon discovered somebody else had been posting photos of the same person online and the former Ex On The Beach star was put in touch with the real person behind the photos.

He explained: "They were posting all the content that this person I had been speaking to had posted.

"So I messaged him and said, 'Look, I'm not sure if you're aware someone's been stealing your stuff and using it' and he was like: 'Yeah mate it's not the first time it's happened'.

"And then the next day, this person I had messaged and posted a video in the gym and Drew, an hour later, and posted the video."

"So I messaged him and I was like: 'Look we need to talk', he was like: 'Yeah what about babe?'"

"'I've also found this profile, which you've been stealing the stuff off. I'd like to know who I've been talking to. I don't want this to turn to a nasty thing, I just want to know – because you know a lot about me as well – I want to know what's going on."

Nathan was mortified to discover that Drew, was in fact not even a gay man at all, it was simply a woman catfish .

He admitted: "I uncovered that this person that I had been speaking to for three years was a woman from London, and she had done it to loads of people.

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"I was like, wow, that's awful. I was sexting a woman… I'm gay. And not only that, she was talking as if she was a man, saying things as if she were a man. We knew intimate things about each other."

He added: "I'm normally very careful. And if it can happen to me it can happen to the most vulnerable of people [too]."

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