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LOVE Island has got the nation hooked with its drama – but it turns out the rest of the world have far raunchier versions.

It started in the UK, but now has 20 other spin-offs in the franchise everywhere from Czech Republic to South Africa.

And the fourth series of Love Island USA starts tonight.

From the sexy singletons walking around naked in Germany to brawls in Australia, we reveal how Love Island compares around the world…

Naked sex scenes

While the likes of Gemma Owen and Luca Bish walk around in bikinis and trunks in the UK Love Island, German contestants have taken it one step further.

A spin-off called Adam Seeks Eve has earned a reputation for uncensored sex scenes.


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And all the challenges are undertaken completely naked as producers believe couples are better able to get to know each other if they meet in their birthday suits.

In one scene, an amorous couple get down to it by the beach, while in another one of the male contestants straddles a woman as she sits on a deck chair.

Another pair get themselves into a lather, literally, as they romp in a blow up swimming pool covered in soap.

Spitting fight

If it wasn’t enough that the German contestants are romping away and walking around naked, there are violent bust-ups that occur too.

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Having had lots of sex together in front of the cameras – and their housemates – already, contestants Marius and Melody were whisked away to a private island to finally get some privacy.

However, Melody fell asleep after battling severe back pain, leaving Marius annoyed about not getting his end away, and sleeping in a separate bed.

When she went over to apologise in the morning, he threw a strop.

And Melody ended up spitting in his face and pushing him off the bed. Quite the nude awakening!

'Moans, groans and slapping’

While Love Island producers have limited the amount of sex they’ve shown in recent years, the same can’t be said in Australia.

Just two days after the first series started, contestants Erin Barnett and Eden Dally were seen quite clearly romping under the sheets.

The couple made it to the final together, and spent as much time as possible getting it on.

Their co-star Justin Lacko even admitted he had to wear ear plugs to block out the frisky couple's “moans, groans and slapping”.

He told Australian publication The Daily Telegraph: "I am quite old school and I kind of feel like there is a time and a place for that and it definitely is not in the company of others.

“I heard all the sounds and all the movements so I had to put in my ear plugs to get a good night's sleep. Thank God for ear plugs!”

Justin added the couple physically “rocked the bed” while having sex.

And while the UK Islanders use code words to describe what goes on in the bedroom, the Aussies are far more candid.

The show’s eventual winners Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp got intimate in the Hideaway, with cameras zooming in on dirty evidence discarded on the floor.

Afterwards, Grant boasted: “I had a f***king good night… and I went more than once.”

Violent fights

Love Island Australia is also known for its blazing rows – with some even leading to physical violence.

Grant and Eden ended up in a huge fight over a dumping.

The two men were grabbing each other's collars and shouting and swearing at one another.

In the UK, at least one of the men would probably have been kicked off the show – but in Australia, Grant and Eden were the eventual winner and runner-up.

Steamy make-out sessions

While Love Island USA is tamer than the UK, in terms of its swearing, it has delivered some very raunchy scenes.

Last series, Islanders Cashay Proudfoot and Isaiah Harmison were seen having an extremely passionate make-out session, with him even carrying her around the room.

In the Beach Hut, talking about it after, one of them says: “We did what we had to do.”

One viewer was so flustered they tweeted: "Whew, imma have to replay that scene later, cuz woo chile."

Secret off-screen girlfriends

Love Island Australia’s drama wasn’t just limited to the villa.

During the series, in a challenge, the Islanders were told of a news story claiming that Grant had a secret girlfriend who he lived with.

He insisted these rumours weren’t true and ended up winning the show with Tayla.

However, just two weeks later, they split and Tayla revealed the reason was that he DID have a girlfriend the entire time.

Revealing why they broke up, she said: “It came out that there were new accusations that Grant had a live-in girlfriend, and he's gone on the show to promote his business and get famous.

“Once I was able to access media and read the articles, I told Grant he needed to own up. I finally got the answer that was the truth: he was on there to promote himself and he did have a girlfriend who was running his business while he was inside the villa."

Casting controversy

Last year, Love Island South Africa aired for the first time – but their casting caused a lot of controversy.

Despite the country's population being more than 80% Black African, the original line-up featured just three black contestants.

Sharing a picture of the cast, one viewer tweeted: "Not Love Island US and Love Island UK having more black people than the one set in South Africa."

The show's sponsor Lottostar withdrew its sponsorship due to the casting controversy, and producers promised they'd include more diverse contestants in the later episodes.

Celebrity presenters

This year's series of Love Island USA is being hosted by Sarah Hyland – who played Hayley Dunphy on Modern Family for 10 years.

And the Australian show is presented by the stunning Sophie Monk – who shot to fame as a singer in Bardot.

She was also a judge on Australia's Got Talent in 2016.

Meanwhile, over in Sweden, radio host Malin Stenback copied a sexy pilot outfit worn by Caroline Flack in the UK series four advert for her promo shot.

Former Big Brother stars

In a very odd turn of events, John James Parton – who was on Big Brother in 2010 – took part in Love Island Australia.

John James famously got together with Josie Gibson in his series and they dated for nine months after.

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