The Chase host Bradley Walsh’s most annoying habit forces producer to step in

The Chase's Anne Hegerty has revealed ITV host Bradley Walsh's most annoying habits.

The Governess star chatted exclusively to the Daily Star at the National Television Awards last week.

Talking about quiz host Brad, she said: "He sometimes has the tendency to chat on and on and on with contestants and we're sitting down at the bottom with The Chase's producer, who doubles as the show's editor, and he's like 'for goodness sake, Brad! This is all coming out' and makes snip gestures."

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But is there a difference between Anne in real life and her ITV alter-ego?

She answered: "I think there is a difference but my Chase persona was originally based on my grandmother and one of my aunts but gradually we are morphing into one – and it's terrifying.

"I hope I'm not quite as snooty in real life."

How about the rivalry between the quiz experts on the show, Anne reveals…

"There isn't really, nobody wants to be the worst Chaser but if someone is having a bad day the rest of us will circle the wagons, because no one likes having a bad day."

In further The Chase news, Jenny Ryan revealed there is a secret group chat that Bradley isn't allowed to join.

The Vixen star also attended the National Television Awards and exclusively told the Daily Star: "There's a little bit of rivalry, there's a lot of different stats and I think we are all top on one of the stats.

"We have the Chasers group chat, which no Bradley isn't in, we'd drive him up the wall and he'd drive us up the wall."

Jenny also spilt the beans on Bradley's annoying habits and said: "Sometimes Brad does act a little bit dim to wind us up and he pretends he doesn't know a thing.

"When actually incredibly one of the most switched-on humans there is, he's just doing it for a joke.

"Also, when he drinks too much coffee in the morning he talks a bit too fast too."

But what do we not know about the quiz master?

"Well, I'm actually very shy and it's taken a lot to create the persona of The Vixen – ten years ago, I would have been running up the red carpet and hiding from everybody. I've learned a lot from being on The Chase and from The Vixen."

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