The Last Kingdoms Finan star Mark Rowley signs up to new projects

Last Kingdom's Alexander Dreymon receives sword as gift

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The Last Kingdom has sadly come to an end on Netflix with season five being the last in the series. However, the follow-up film, Seven Kings Must Die, will star some undisclosed familiar faces. Fan-favourite Mark Rowley, who plays Finan, has just landed a new role.

Where is The Last Kingdom’s Finan now?

Finan became one of Uhtred’s (played by Alexander Dreymon) closest friends as the pair were enslaved together early on in the series.

Once they were both able to escape with their lives, Finan pledged his allegiance to Uhtred, who never abandoned him.

The Irish warrior was known and loved for his fierce loyalty and his sense of humour and fans hope to see him return.

While his appearance in the upcoming film is yet to be confirmed, the star has since taken on a new project.

He will feature in the psychological thriller The Eye, and production began towards the end of October 2022.

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The Eye is based on a screenplay by Emily Carlton and it is set in 1980.

The dark psychological thriller follows a young widow who travels back to the island where her husband died to spread his ashes.

However, after learning the truth behind how he died, she is tempted by a dark choice that could bring him back.

Filming is taking place in Athens and Corfu, with Mark at the helm alongside actress Shruti Haasan.

The Last Kingdom star took to Instagram to share his latest venture with his fans.

He said: “Let the fun begin…The hilarious and very talented @shrutzhaasan @fingerprintcontentltd.”

His co-star responded with: “Marky mark !!! Can’t wait !!! It’s been so so awesome !!”

He also received plenty of support from his The Last Kingdom co-stars, including Brida actress Emily Cox.

This is not the only project the star has taken on since leaving the Netflix historical drama.

In another post showcasing a new character, he said: “Write Off…2023 @randombirdproductions Had so much fun working with the hilarious @_leigh_quinn_ Can’t wait for you all to see it!”

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Not only this, he has been working on a new project called T.I.M, Technologically. Integrated. Manservant.

The film was inspired by 90s stalker thrillers and it follows a prosthetics scientist and her adulterous husband.

The scientist develops a humanoid A.I, called T.I.M, who acts as her aid and becomes extremely helpful.

However, as it becomes more obsessed with her, it will stop at nothing to take her husband’s place.

The film is now in post-production and filmmaker Spencer Brown spoke highly of Mark.

He said Mark “wins our hearts with his humour”, according to Deadline.

As for his other upcoming projects, he will star in The Witcher: Blood Origin as Prince Alvitirin.

His Wikipedia page does say he will be starring in Seven Kings Must Die, but this is yet to be confirmed.

He has also just voiced a video game character, William Hende, in The DioField Chronicle.

The Last Kingdom is on Netflix.

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