Wendy Williams faces difficult 2023, is in 'battle with sanity', & won't get life together for years, says astrologer | The Sun

THE stars have predicted that 2023 could be another tough year for Wendy Williams.

Professional astrologer Shaina Krashin has revealed her predictions for what the upcoming year could mean for Wendy's conservatorship and finances.

Williams, 58, has been making headlines for the wrong reasons after multiple stints in rehab, the end of her successful show, and her struggle to access her own funds.

And according to Krashin, of Astro Freak, 2023 is set to bring more misery for the talk show host.

The astrologer says she looked at Wendy's "birth chart" to predict her future.

Birth charts include both your zodiac star sign and what planets are in your astrology 'houses'.

The houses are based on where the planets and other celestial bodies are in relation to Earth at the time you are born. They can be found by checking the time and date of your birth.

To determine zodiac houses for an individual's birth chart, the sky is divided into twelve sections which each represent a personality aspect or different part of life. The position of the planets will change in the chart as the Earth rotates.

Depending upon where planets are in the sky at the moment of birth, said celestial bodies are thought to occupy that house and have direct influence on the themes associated with that house.

House rulership, on the other hand, depends on what zodiac sign falls into that section of the 360-degree chart, and the planet associated with the sign.

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For example, if your 7th house is in Leo, the Sun, the planetary body associated with that zodiac sign, rules your 7th house, no matter where the Sun is in your chart.

When it comes to Wendy's chart, Shaina wrote: "She has Pluto and Uranus in her 7th house-harshly aspected."(sic)

Pluto represents death and rebirth in a chart (among other things), while the seventh house rules relationships with others.

"She has probably always had people tell her she’s 'crazy', this is nothing new. Everybody views her mind and ideas as very eccentric and she naturally does things that people view as a bit off-center. She has also always had people try to control her and her life.

"Strong, opposing authority figures have always played a prominent role in her life, and it feels as though she has done nothing to deserve such harsh treatment and has probably gained a lot of paranoia from these experiences."

Wendy, though, is somebody who has proven to be quite strong herself, and it looks like this strength will power her through the difficulties that lay ahead, even while they look to be culminations of past fated patterns in her life.

"She has always had a strong sense of personal responsibility with her Saturn in the 1st," as the first house is the house of the self and identity.

"This whole situation probably feels very expected but also very intrusive," Shaina said.

The reporter is "definitely is somebody that wants to take care of herself, she can just have such an erratic personality with many mood swings, it can make people off-put and untrusting of her taking care of herself."

Astrologically, the 12th house is one that represents "endings, surrender, and the subconscious," according to Mind Body Green.

This is the house where prisons, nunneries, and mental asylums all dwell, and Wendy has an important planet crossing this right now.

"Pluto is currently transiting her 12th house. This is unfortunately potent to lose your possessions, or even autonomy over yourself…

"She will take back her power eventually but it will not be for many, many years. Her next year looks very unsteady."

All is not as it seems, and Shaina's astrological prediction cites that while Wendy may be playing Pollyanna on the surface, there is likely trouble brewing underneath.

"Personality wise, she’s displaying a happy and carefree personality," however, Shaina thinks there could be some turmoil under the surface after enduring so many tramautic things in the last few years.

But, being a host that is used to smiling for an audience, she is likely putting her best foot forward.

"She is keeping it together for the cameras and her fans, but I would guess her life is truly unraveling behind the scenes."

Get your own personal astrological chart predictions from Shaina at Astro Freak.


The recent past has been very rocky for Wendy, as health, personal, financial, familial, and even romantic woes seemed to have plagued her life all at once.

She has been candid about the health struggles that have completely changed the course of her career – and life.

The broadcaster and media personality said goodbye to her legion of fans after airing the final episode of The Wendy Williams Show on Friday, June 17, 2022.

This year, she also entered a "wellness facility seeking help to manage her overall health issues," her rep Shawn Zanotti exclusively told The U.S. Sun.

"She is taking some time to focus on her health and wellness as she prepares for a major comeback for the next level in her career with 'The Wendy Experience Podcast,'" Zanotti said.

"Ms. Williams is being treated by a team of some of the best doctors in the world. We ask for your prayers and well wishes during this time."


She has struggled with Graves' disease and hyperthyroidism, which she was diagnosed with in 2003, as well as sobriety following her separation from her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, resulting in her checking into a rehab facility in 2019, the year she filed for divorce after over two decades of marriage.

Reportedly, Hunter "was a serial cheat," which Wendy claimed to The Jess Cagle Show that she always knew, and the divorce filings proceeded after news broke that he and his mistress Sharina Hudson were having a child.

In 2021, Williams tested positive for Covid-19 and was then rushed to the hospital for "psychiatric services."


Control of her fincances have also been recently revoked.

Several sources exclusively revealed to The U.S. Sun in February 2022 that her Wells Fargo bank accounts had remained frozen since January.

The former host's accounts went under the control of a financial guardian after her bank alleged that she was the victim of exploitation, dementia, or undue influence in explosive court filings. 

Despite Wendy's guardianship case remaining under seal, The U.S. Sun can exclusively revealed that Wendy's assets are being controlled by guardianship expert and attorney, Sabrina Morrissey. 

Multiple sources and court filings show that the guardian is in charge of the former TV host's estate and as a result, she is responsible for who in Wendy's orbit does- or does not- receive money and payments from that fortune. 

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When it comes to her future endeavors, her fans supposedly can look forward to The Wendy Experience, which is her new podcast that has yet to be released, though it has its own Instagram account.

It was announced around the time of the culmination of her television show, though an exact premiere date has yet to be confirmed.

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