Jobless football fan wins £20,000 from a £9 accumulator

Things can only get BET-ter! Jobless football fan celebrates after winning £20,000 from a £9 accumulator – with odds of 2,223/1

  • University grad Ben Ron, 21, spent last Saturday betting on top football games
  • He started off well with Man Utd beating rivals Man City 2-1 at the derby game
  • He held his nerve and even turned down cashouts of £60, £720 and £9,900

A football fan who is out-of-work won £20,000 off a £9 bet with odds of 2,223/1.

University graduate Ben Ron, 21, stumped up the cash on a nine-game accumulator.

He held his nerve throughout the day and turned down cashouts of £60, £720 and even £9,900. 

He had Man Utd to beat rivals Man City in the lunchtime Premier League kick-off last Saturday which they won 2-1.

He also had four other top flight 3pm games that day. Brighton hammered Liverpool 3-0, Southampton won 2-1 at Everton, Wolves beat West Ham 1-0 and Nottingham Forest were 2-0 winners over Leicester.

University graduate Ben Ron, 21, stumped up the £20,000 sum of cash on a nine-game accumulator

He won around £20,000 from a £9 accumulator – with odds of 2,223/1

Arsenal supporter Ben, of Gloucester, then had three Championship matches come in after Burnley beat Coventry 1-0, Sheffield United won 3-1 against Stoke and Watford beat Blackpool 2-0. 

Finally Brentford beat Bournemouth 2-0 in the late Premier League game that day.

Ben won £20,021.91 at odds of 2223.657/1.

The Multimedia Sports Journalism graduate is currently living at home with his parents.

‘I got a job as a chef after uni in my local pub, however was made redundant at the end of December after they closed and sold the place,’ he said.

‘So I have been on Indeed and going to job interviews all week so this win couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me.’

He said: ‘I placed the bet at 4am the night before, though the odds looked very good with Man United at 3-1 being in very good form. They always seem to turn up in the Manchester derby.

The Multimedia Sports Journalism graduate is currently living at home with his parents and has been looking for jobs 

‘Brighton to beat Liverpool was a no brainer, Liverpool have not been on it at all this season and when I have watched Brighton they have played so well.

‘I feel extremely lucky, especially with the controversial goal Man United scored in the Manchester derby.

‘I was watching Soccer Saturday at the time at home alone, at half time only one – Sheffield United – of the seven 3pm games I had in the bet were winning.

‘With Southampton also trailing by a goal, I thought it was over by that point.

‘Straight after half time there were three goals in the first three minutes that helped my bet, at this point the cash-out was £60.

‘As the games went on more goals kept going in until it was only Burnley left who I needed to score for the bet to carry over to the last game of the day.

‘At this point the cash-out was £720 with Burnley not winning, but then in the 82nd minute I heard Jeff Stelling the host say “and the deadlock has finally been broken at Turf Moor, but for who?”

‘My heart rate during that moment I can’t explain the feeling, as soon as I saw Burnley went 1-0 up I literally went crazy and ran all over the house, the realisation hit that this was actually happening.

‘The cash out was £4,200 after Burnley scored and went up to £9,900 cash out once all the 3pm games had finished.’

He said that he then messaged all of his friends, who rooted for Brentford to win the final game.

‘I’ve never been so nervous for a football match in my life, when Brentford got a penalty and went 1-0 up, the relief as they were playing so poorly.

‘I didn’t watch the second half because I couldn’t take it, but when I saw they went 2-0 up, the realisation that you are about to win £20,000, it was a surreal feeling.

‘But it’s been a long time coming, I knew it would happen.’

Ben then went out with his friends to celebrate and was ‘up all night’ with excitement.  

‘I couldn’t sleep for two days because of the adrenaline rush and the realisation of how much my life has just changed.’

He plans to spend his windfall traveling around Australia and Asia and also promised he’d buy his friend a new Xbox.

‘Everyone is so happy for me, they have all been so supportive which is such a nice feeling,’ he added.

‘I support Arsenal myself, so they weren’t actually included in the bet, golden rule is to never bet on your own team, however if I did put them in, they would’ve won me even more money.

‘I did break the two golden rules of never back the early and late kick offs, but it seems like I have broken this curse,’ he said.

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