Mexican cartel boss found by armed cops hiding on private school’s swanky campus

The boss of one of Mexico’s most violent cartels was caught by cops as he hid in a luxurious Catholic private school’s campus.

Infamous mobster Israel Blanco Nava, known as El Seven, reportedly led the La Familia Michoacana gang and was the target of a huge police operation that ended in the plush grounds of Marymount School.

The cartel has plagued Mexico with a bloody campaign of terror that saw them linked to several heinous crimes including an incident in 2006 where cartel members tossed five severed heads onto a nightclub dancefloor.

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Mobsters left a message at the scene claiming they only kill those who “deserve to die” and said their morbid behaviour was “divine justice”.

Another grim incident saw the gang torture and murder 12 Mexican Federal Police agents before dumping their lifeless bodies along a mountain highway.

Blanco Nava, who was said to be the most recent leader of the gang, saw his freedom come to an end when cops targeted him in the Lomas del Tzompantle neighborhood in the city of Cuernavaca yesterday (Monday, October 3).

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Local media reported that he saw officers heading in his direction and managed to speed off in a vehicle alongside several bodyguards.

But he was stopped by a police blockade so tried to escape on foot before ducking into a property that turned out to be the campus of the prestigious Marymount School.

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Armed police exchanged fire with the fugitives before the men surrendered and were handcuffed on the ground.

A video taken by a bystander near the educational facility – that promises “peace and justice” for its students in a “warm and happy” environment – showed the wanted men shouting as they were held to the ground by uniformed officers in daylight.

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It showed a stark contrast to the peaceful pictures showing a high-end school with beautiful water fountains and luscious trees.

School authorities quickly released a letter explaining that it was just bad luck that such a hardened criminal would end up on their grounds, and said they shut the gate Blanco Nava had entered through for the rest of the day to ensure student safety.

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