Public transportation in Rome

Public transportation in Rome includes the metro, buses and trams. The city has also one trolleybus route. Public transport in Rome is managed by ATAC, that’s why tickets are the same for all types of transport.

Types of tickets:

  • BIT (biglietto integrato a tempo) – a ticket for one trip that is no longer than 100 minutes from the moment of composting. The price is €1.50. The ticket is valid on buses, trams, trolleybuses, the metro, regional trains on city routes Trenitalia, Roma – Lido, Roma – Giardinetti, Roma – Viterbo.
  • Roma 24/48/72 – unlimited travel for 24/48/72 hours. A 24 hours tickets €7, a 48 hours ticket €12.50, the price of a 72 hours ticket is €18. It operates on buses, trams, trolleybuses, the metro, regional trains on city routes Trenitalia, Roma – Lido, Roma – Giardinetti, Roma – Viterbo.
  • CIS (carta integrata settimanale) is an unlimited personal travel card for a week. Its price is €24. This travel card is personal that’s why you need to enter your data into it. The conditions of travel are the same as for Roma 24/48/72 travel cards.
  • Metrebus card (Mensile Roma personale) is a personal travel card for a month which costs €35. It is necessary to fill out an application form with basic personal data.

The metro

The Rome metro consists of three lines: A (orange), B (blue) and C (green). The orange line goes from the southeast to the northwest to the Vatican, the blue line goes from the south, from the EUR area, to the northeast.

The stations of line C are also museums, tickets for travel can be purchased in two types: with and without excursions.

The Rome metro operates from 5:30 to 23:30, on Fridays and Saturdays until 1:30. Trains run at intervals of 5-10 minutes.

The metro also includes city trains (treni metropolitani). They depart from the Tiburtina train station. You can use them when heading to the airport, shopping in the suburban area of Castelli Romani, to the beaches of Lido di Ostia or to the ruins of Ostia Antica.


There are six tram lines in Rome. Rome’s trams run from 5:30 to midnight. Old Roman trams are red like in Fellini films. They go towards San Giovanni in Laterano and further to Praenestina. New trams are green and run between Argentina Square and Trastevere.


A bus is the most convenient public transport in Rome, as it has an extensive network of routes and runs every 10 minutes. There are regular, express and night buses.

Bus routes operate from 5:30 to midnight. Then night buses transfer passengers.

Railway transport

The main train station of Rome is Termini Station. There are eight smaller railway stations in the city. Another major station in Rome is Tiburtina. Near Termini Station there are metro stations and numerous stops of public transport. The Termini Train Station is served by express trains from both Roman airports.

Fiumicino Airport and Roma Termini Station are connected by the Leonardo Express train. Trains run every 15 minutes and takes passengers from the airport to the train station in 32 minutes. A journey on Leonardo Express costs €14.


It is much more convenient to travel around Rome by motorcycle than by car. A small vehicle is not afraid of traffic jams and it has no problems with parking. Renting a motor vehicle costs from €24 to €100 per day. During your journey you will have an opportunity to take a ride on the legendary Italian retro Vespa scooter. Do it!

Sightseeing transport

To get the first impression of Rome, you can use the sightseeing transport presented in the city by buses, trams and boats. Tourist buses in Rome operate on a Hop-On Hop-Off system: a tourist can get off at any stop and go back to continue the bus tour during the validity period of the ticket. The entire journey is accompanied by an audio guide, which is available in several languages, including Russian.

The main sights of Rome can be seen from the famous double-decker red bus. There are also yellow Roma Cristiana buses, their routes may include visits to the Vatican.

The Ristotram goes through main streets of Rome from Flaminio Square to Termini Station and passes through the Colosseum. The evening route with a diner and live music lasts 3.5 hours and costs €60.

“TRAMbelcanto” or “TRAMjazz” are rarity trams of the 20s of the last century. They goes through the historical center of Rome.

Trams depart from Piazza di Porta Maggiore at 21:00 every evening, the journey lasts three hours. Tourists can admire views of the night city, amazingly illuminated by the Colosseum and the Imperial Forums, and drink the best wine of the Lazio region. Depending on kind of music – opera or jazz – the program is called “TRAMbelcanto” or “TRAMjazz”. Dinner is also included in the program price. This trip costs €70.

Penalties for stowaway travel or travel with the wrong ticket will be from €100 to €500.