Sarah Vine: Duchess Meghan’s eyes are ‘utterly devoid of emotion or empathy’

All of the most hateful Daily Mail columnists have been “activated” in the past week to screech about the Duchess of Sussex. Jan Moir saw the Bat-signal and she shat out a repugnant, racist “column” last week. Dan Wootton was frothing at the mouth about how the Duchess of Cambridge needs to fly out to Montecito to “rescue” Prince Harry. Now it’s Sarah Vine’s turn. Vine is chilled to the bone about Meghan’s “threat” to the monarchy. In truth, I thought Meghan’s profile in The Cut was threatening too, but in an awesome way. Like, she’s just putting them on notice. She can speak about what they did to her at any time. She could always speak about her experiences, and she’s largely chosen not to. It was shot across the bow and it was done elegantly. The DM and the Windsors got her message and that’s why they’re all freaking out. Some highlights from this frankly unhinged Sarah Vine column, which reads as a parody:

Envy Emeralds: The scraped back hair, the austere black polo-neck, the bright green earrings the colour of envy. The half-opened mouth, a faint sneer playing on the lips. And the eyes, a deep, warm brown yet somehow cold as ice, utterly devoid of emotion or empathy. The Duchess of Sussex’s latest interview — 6,400 words of faux sincerity and fawning praise delivered from her lofty £14.5 million perch in the hills of Montecito — is an Exocet missile tipped with poison, calculated to strike at the heart of the British monarchy.

Meghan’s Malice: It’s a threat so open, so blatantly obvious she might as well have stuck a horse’s head in the Queen’s bed. Every line drips with menace, real or implied. Even her supposed moments of vulnerability are loaded with malice….Like everything Meghan does these days, this interview is a masterclass in manipulation, a carefully orchestrated, professionally executed exercise in brand-building.

They’re worried Meghan might be believed: On and on it goes, each ‘revelation’ more delusional than the last. The tragedy, of course, is that people will believe this narcissistic drivel. The world is full of idiots who think the Queen is a lizard and that Princess Diana was the victim of an MI6 assassination plot, so this is no great leap of faith.

No mention of Diana in The Cut: Indeed, it is perhaps no coincidence that this interview should coincide with the anniversary of the Princess of Wales’s tragic death in a car accident in Paris, 25 years ago. Not even Meghan would dare to draw an overt comparison, but the timing can’t be overlooked. There is nothing and no one this woman will not exploit in pursuit of her own advantage.

Hellbent on revenge: In common, I suspect, with the Royal Family as a whole, I had hoped that once Meghan had obtained the life she desired — that is to say a private existence away from the scrutiny of the cameras and a release from her obligations as a working royal — she would, if not quite extend the hand of friendship, then at least relent in her attacks on the Queen and other senior members of the family. But it’s increasingly clear that she has no such intention. If anything, she seems hellbent on revenge. And she is using all the tools at her disposal.

Burned to a crisp: Make no mistake, this woman doesn’t just want to hold the feet of the Royal Family to the fire; she wants to burn the House of Windsor to the ground and dance on its ashes. The awful tragedy is that, with the help of Prince Harry, she may just succeed.

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The thing is, if Meghan was so “hellbent on revenge,” wouldn’t she have already sought it? It’s been two years and five months since she left Salt Island. I understand that revenge is a dish best served cold, but if “revenge” was her post-royal raison d’etre, why the hold-up? Isn’t it more likely that, as she said and suggested in The Cut, she was treated abominably, she needed time to heal and she is now ready to process some of the horrible sh-t she went through? Plus, it’s not like Salt Island has been silent about the Sussexes in the past two years and five months either. It’s not like Meghan is bringing up ancient grudges out of nowhere years later – there is still an active smear campaign against her and her family. There are royal courts still actively briefing against her. Meghan was saying: I f–king see you and you should know that I have receipts and I can choose to speak whenever I want.

— Proenza Schouler (@proenzaschouler) August 29, 2022

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