Debbie and Aggie go to war over deadly accident in Coronation Street

Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) faces money problems in Coronation Street after an incident with Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges).

Ed decides to help Debbie out this week by fixing a broken radiator at the hotel.

However, he’s suddenly electrocuted and knocked unconscious!

In a panic, Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) and Paul (Peter Ash) call an ambulance, and Debbie realises she has no idea when an inspection was last carried out as Ray (Mark Frost) was notorious for cutting corners.

In a new week, Debbie is incredibly stressed and tells Ronnie that Ray cancelled the professional indemnity insurance.

Visiting Ed in the hospital, Debbie hands over a cheque but a furious Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw) tells her it is not nearly enough, advising Debbie she better hire a lawyer as they’ve already got Adam (Sam Robertson) on their side.

The next day, Debbie calls at No.3 and offers Ed £30k by way of compensation.

Aggie makes it clear she’s got two weeks to pay up – but what if she doesn’t have the funds?

Is Debbie about to lose everything?

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