Emmerdale fans distracted by Moira’s wardrobe blunder in unbuttoned overalls

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Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans have called out Moira Barton's obvious wardrobe blunder as she comforted her son Matty following Leyla Harding’s hospitalisation.

During Friday night’s (August 5) visit to the Yorkshire Dales, the loving mum shared a deep heart-to-heart with her son in an attempt to steer him in the right direction after he planted illegal drugs in the back of Suzy Merton’s car.

Over the past few days, all Matty has only been able to see is red after he learnt that the brunette beauty was the one who sold his sister the fatal drugs that killed her.

Since then, he has been lying in wait for the perfect opportunity to get payback on the former drug user, but unfortunately the drugs found their way into Leyla’s hands which caused her a near-fatal heart attack.

While the long-standing star was running about cleaning up her son’s mess, sharp-eyed viewers couldn’t help but notice the full-time farmer looked particularly clean despite working in the fields all day.

During the show, one user took to Twitter to share his confusion with his fellow fans of the show online.

He wrote: “#Emmerdale why is Moira who works on a dirty farm always wearing clean overalls, never a speck of dirt or grime on them.”

The fan of the show was soon flooded with replied from fellow viewers who also noticed the strange coincidence.

One user agreed: "Moira in her spotless overalls working on the farm [confused emoji] #emmerdale."

Another chimed in with: "Moira has the cleanest overalls of any farmer i've ever seen…they're always pristine #Emmerdale."

A third quipped: "Moira never gets her overalls dirty, does she? Must be a clean farm #emmerdale."

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