Snowflake Mountain season 2: Will there be another series of Snowflake Mountain?

Snowflake Mountain: Trailer for Netflix reality show

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Netflix dropped the reality show Snowflake Mountain recently. The heartwarming and hilarious programme sees a group of entitled, privileged young adults unwittingly shipped off to the wilderness by their parents in the hopes of embarking on a journey to self-reliance and independence. Although some of the kidults departed from the self-improvement experience, the majority stuck it out in the hopes of bagging the cash prize.

Will there be another series of Snowflake Mountain?

As of yet, Netflix has not confirmed season two of Snowflake Mountain and there are no plans to make another series or a reunion show.

Given the show only came out recently on June 22, it’s too premature to make an announcement and Netflix may be looking at the audience figures before making a renewal decision.

However, British contestant and the first Wilderness Warrior Rae Hume said she was hopeful for another outing, revealing all the snowflakes were planning to meet up again in the not-too-distant future for their own private reunion.

The 25-year-old from Kent said: “I feel like if it’s a new cast, that will be amazing. It would be great for people to have the opportunity, but a lot of us have said it would be quite funny to see us in different locations. The same group goes to say the Sahara Desert or go to Antarctica and live in an igloo.

“I feel people would [like that] and we had such a good group dynamic. The good and the bad. We showed what families are like. We have your high moments and your low moments.

“But more importantly, we connected on such a sick level that even if there’s not a season two, we’re definitely all meeting up potentially next month to do a reunion somewhere in New York.”

She said they would be getting together to “create the party house” they had all believed they were going to when they ended up on the middle of nowhere in Snowflake Mountain.

Rae found the process of Snowflake Mountain enriching and described the overwhelmingly positive feedback from viewers as “a gift”.

She is now hoping to move into a TV career, saying: “I’m doing a lot of manifesting and definitely go into this direction.

“I would just really love to go into TV work. I felt like I’d finally found my purpose.”

Rae said moments after having her mic put on, she felt like she was “exactly where I’m supposed to be” and she finally had the “burn back” in her belly she’d been “missing for years”.

She added: “That was one of my learning things, because I had no direction at that time, and I was sort of going with the flow of life and muddling through. I felt like when I was there, it was exactly where I was supposed to be. I finally felt like I found what I want to do.” also spoke to former military man Matt Tate, who with his friend Joel Graves, whipped the privileged youngsters into shape.

Matt and Joel were watching the youngsters covertly and stepping in whenever the snowflakes needed either some tough love or encouragement on their voyages of self-discovery.

They also assigned the group a series of tough survivalists tasks including making fire from scratch, sending them on an orienteering challenge, and even carving up a deer for a meal.

Matt said he would “love to see” a season two, going on to explain: “It was a very rewarding experience for us on a personal leave, interacting with those young people and to get to do that again would be amazing.

“It would be an awesome blessing, so absolutely. We’re a hundred percent on board if the opportunity is present then we’d love to do that.”

On how Snowflake Mountain could up the ante for returning series, Matt said it was “really tough” to answer and praised the producers for coming up with such a brilliant idea.

Matt added: “All these ideas just melded into this thing are just amazing, so I don’t know the answer to that.”

Snowflake Mountain was filmed between May and June 2021 over the course of three weeks. The show’s camp was based in the middle of Cumbria in the Lake District with audiences getting picturesque panoramic shots of the British countryside.

Despite the American contestants feeling uncertain about the weather, Matt said he enjoyed filming during the British summer despite the unpredictable climate, which went from sunshine to rain to fog during the making of the show.

Matt said: “I loved it. Everybody’s like, ‘It’s so dreary.’ We’re over there in June and it’s ridiculous hot in northwest Arkansas, usually. I was getting to wear a light jacket and I was like, ‘This is amazing! I love it here. I’m not complaining about this’.”

Due to the COVID restrictions still in place at the time, Matt was unable to visit other parts of the UK but said he hoped to visit Britain again at some point whether as a tourist or with Snowflake Mountain should the show return.

When Matt isn’t working on Snowflake Mountain, he works as a survival expert and mentor in America with Joel where they run a school to help youngsters prepare themselves for the Great Outdoors.

Snowflake Mountain is streaming on Netflix now

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