Carrie Underwood Says It Was ‘Physically Impossible’ To Sing After Facial Injury

Carrie Underwood was left with 50 facial stitches and a broken wrist after taking a “hard fall” last November outside her Nashville home, but is coming out on the other side today.

With baby number two on the way with her husband Mike Fisher, and a new album Cry Pretty that debuted in September, it may seem like she’s on top right now, but her recovery wasn’t always so easy she shared in an interview with Vulture.

The singer revealed what it was like to return to the recording studio after her facial injury:

“I felt like the differences were more in my head than they were in anybody else’s that would listen to the things I was doing. I had wanted to be in the studio sooner than I was, actually recording these songs, but I had stitches inside my mouth, outside my mouth. It was physically impossible.”

Carrie said she opted not to seek out the assistance of a vocal coach after the injury, and opened up about getting used to her sound after the accident:

“Things change just as you get older; your muscles change. I kind of expect I’m not always going to sound like I’m 22 coming off of American Idol. I feel like you just kind of have to find your way through it. I don’t like it when people try to tell me how to sing, because it should be natural.”

So strong!!

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