Black Bar Casually Enjoys Veranda's Views at Luxury Mount Washington Resort — See the Photo

An adventurous black bear enjoyed the sunrise and scenic views of New Hampshire’s White Mountains (as if the animal were any other guest visiting the bucolic scenery) after finding its way on to a hotel veranda last month,

Sam Geesaman, an employee at the Omni Mount Washington Resort, took a picture of the bear on June 29. The lucky employee spotted the wild animal — standing upright and holding onto the veranda railing — soaking in the beautiful views of the White Mountains as dawn broke.

Geesaman was working an overnight shift when he took the photo around 5 a.m. The employee planned to go on the porch and snap a picture of the morning sunrise, but encountered the black bear instead. When Geesaman went outside to get the sunrise shot, the bear was climbing the stairs to the veranda in an effort to find food in a nearby trash can.

Geesaman says the bear eventually took off for the woods after he began stomping and clapping loudly to scare the animal away from the veranda.

“I notified other hotel staff that we had a bear on the back veranda and that I would be attempting to keep the area clear of guests so they didn’t walk into a morning surprise,” Geesaman told local news station WGME.

Encountering bears is a regular occurrence in New Hampshire, and especially in the White Mountains region of the Granite State, with officials reporting bear sightings inside homes, apartment complexes, and campgrounds.

Fox News reports that rangers in nearby Woodstock, New Hampshire, were forced to suspend camping four days ago, when improperly stored food drew a handful of bears to a White Mountain National Forest campsite.

A food shortage last year caused a noticeable increase in up-close bear sightings and conflicts, with 2018 having the most bear killings since 2014, according to Fox News.

Thankfully, no one was harmed during this black bear’s veranda excursion.

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