Pensioner’s adorable Slimming World journey wins him 40K followers

Instagram’s most unlikely – and adorable – new star: 85-year-old slimmer wows the internet by documenting his diet online

  • David, from Lancashire, has kept a diary of his weight loss journey on Instagram 
  • Pensioner posts images of himself eating different meals in a range of outfits
  • A girl called Natasha posted his page on Twitter and it quickly gained popularity
  • In just a few days David’s Instagram has amassed over 40,000 followers keen to find out more about the happy 85-year-old

A pensioner who has been documenting his weight loss journey has become an unlikely Instagram star after a woman gave him a shout-out on Twitter – calling his feed the ‘cutest thing I’ve ever seen’.

David Cookson, from Lancashire, launched his page on September 26 explaining that two stone of weight he’d already lost had’ crept back’ on and he wanted to lose it again.

With some encouragement from his daughters, the 85-year-old decided to keep track, and thanks to a shout out from a Twitter user who spotted his page, he’s amassed more than 40,000 followers overnight.

Realising his newfound viral fame David posted a thank you, saying he’d told all his friends at his Slimming World group the news, and adding: ‘I am blown away by all the positivity and such kind words, thank you all so much.’

David regularly posts pictures of himself in an array of differently coloured shirts with his healthy meal of the day, above he captioned this particular dish as his last before a weigh in

This tasty looking roulade with strawberries and cream was dessert for Sunday dinner, with David saying his two daughters had joined them for and his youngest daughter Bethany had made it inspired by another Slimming World member

The woman named Natasha Rodgers had spotted David’s Instagram page and shared a picture of it to say it was ‘the cutest thing I’ve ever seen’

The post quickly gained popularity on Twitter with people gushing over how adorable David was and that they were going to follow his story over on Instagram

A woman named Natasha Rodgers posted a picture of David’s page on Twitter explaining: ‘Stumbled on this 85 yr old man’s Insta where he posts his slimming world journey and it might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen[sic].’

It quickly accrued thousands of likes and retweets as people gushed over how sweet David was: ‘Look at his thumbs up it’s genuinely the best thing I’ve seen all year.’

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‘Oh…my…god!!! I can not cope,’ said another with a crying face emoji.

‘The cutest thing I’ve ever seen,’ added another. 

David shared his first page back in September with a short comment: ‘Hello! I’m David , I have been a member of Slimming World for a good few years but after initially losing 2 stone, I have since crept back up to my start weight.

‘My daughters suggested that I start this account after one of them posted a picture of me on her own Slimming World account which received a lot of likes and positive feedback.

‘I think starting this account will give me the encouragement I need to reach my target. Thanks for stopping by.’ 

David celebrated Halloween with an adorable pumpkin headband and bright yellow jumper as he tucked into a dish of fishcakes and vegetables for his evening meal 

On Thursday following his newly found viral fame, David posted a snap of himself holding up ten fingers to celebrate reaching 10,000 followers but overnight he’s already amassed another 40,000

David posted a picture of himself back in September holding up a Slimming World recipe book as he kickstarted his weight loss journey, hoping to lose the two stone he’d gained since the last time he followed the diet

David was all smiles in one snap holding up a mug with the words ‘dad rules’ and his late afternoon snack of fresh fruit salad and yoghurt, along with a thumbs up emoji

David was so happy with his new followers that he sent Natasha a message on Twitter to thank her for sharing his story adding ‘all this support I’m receiving is incredible’

David was clearly pleased by his new followers and also sent a message of thanks to Natasha for sharing his page.

He added: ‘Thank you very much for sharing my story, all this support I’m receiving is incredible.’ 

She posted his message along with the caption: ‘Right lads now I’m crying xx’

The pensioner revealed he’d also shared his story with his friends at his local Slimming World group: ‘I told my friends at choir tonight about all you lovely people, following and supporting me on my slimming world journey! I am blown away by all the positivity and such kind words, thank you all so much .’

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