Chris Pratt Tries to Sell Sequined Nipple Pasties on 'The Ellen Show'

“They’re great stocking stuffers,” Pratt said. “If you act fast, because we’re only giving away about 20 of these, you can get all 20 at a discounted rate.”

If acting doesn’t work out for Chris Pratt, he could always return to his former profession of being a salesman.

While appearing on "The Ellen Show" Monday, the "Jurassic World" star participated in the daytime talk show segment "Pitch Please," where he was tasked with selling a mystery item without seeing it. Pratt tapped into the skills he used back when he was a door-to-door salesman (who knew?) before he was an actor. However, unbeknownst to Pratt, he was trying to sell heart-shaped sequined pasties the entire time.

"You used to be a door-to-door salesman…what did you sell?" Ellen first asked and Pratt replied, "I sold promotional coupons for businesses in the service industry: oil changes, trips to a day spa, salon. It was pretty cool. It went really well. I was National Salesman of the Year. I won a free trip to Jamaica."

"Well, you’re a good salesman obviously so we thought we’d play a game," Ellen added. The daytime host unveiled to the audience the Valetine’s Day-themed lingerie, which was complete with red tassels. "You’re gonna sell it like it’s a product on QVC," Ellen told Pratt. "You don’t know what it is but you want to sell this thing."

Throughout the segment, Ellen asked the "Avengers: Infinity War" star certain questions about the item. The game became more and more entertaining as it progressed, as Pratt continuously fell right into Ellen’s comedic traps.

"Why should everyone have them?" Ellen asked and Pratt replied, "First of all, you work hard, you should treat yourself. It’s okay to spend a little bit of money to get yourself something that’s just really going to make you complete."

When asked how many times you should "use" the item, Pratt said, "Honestly, I wouldn’t use it any more than 20 times a day, but you can use it daily." The "Parks and Recreation" alum admitted that he uses the product "all the time" and has "three at home." Ellen and her audience burst into laughter, but Pratt just kept on going.

"I use it with my friends, my family, bring grandma over," he joked. "She’s got one. They’re great stocking stuffers. If you act fast, because we’re only giving away about 20 of these, you can get all 20 at a discounted rate."

Ellen went on to ask Pratt about how the item works on hot and cold days and said that she heard he works out with them. "You don’t get a body like this without having one of these," Pratt said.

However, the most hilarious moment was when Ellen inquired about chafing while wearing the product. "Oh no, there’s no chafing," Pratt insisted. "If you read the instruction manual it comes with accompanying lubricants, you’ll have no chafing whatsoever." Pratt added at one point that he was wearing one of the special items at the moment.

The item may be worth $15,000 according to Pratt, but his reaction to discovering what he had been selling the whole time was absolutely priceless.

The newly-engaged actor also revealed his number one choice for the "sexiest Chris" in Hollywood. See who Pratt cast his "vote" for in the clip below.

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