ITV This Morning: ‘Still hold a torch’ Phillip Schofield quizzes Shane Warne on Liz Hurley

The 49-year-old Australian appeared on This Morning today to discuss his official autobiography No Spin.

The book came out in October last year, and Shane shared the reasons behind why he has only now chosen to speak about his story and set the record straight.

Yet Phillip couldn’t resist turning the ITV conversation to Shane’s past relationship with Bedazzled star Liz, 53, and whether he still has feelings for her.

Asked about his ex-fiancee, Shane was taken-aback for a moment.

“No look, we’re still friends,” the sportsman and commentator finally said. “We had four years of great time together.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, she didn’t do anything wrong, it was just one of those things it became too hard after a while.

“You still hold a bit of a torch for her though don’t you?” Phillip, 57, then pressed.

Appearing slightly alarmed, Shane clarified: “In a way of friendship yeah – I will always care about her.

“I still care about her kids, she still asks about mine, so yeah…”

In a way of friendship yeah

Shane Warne

Shane went on to say the view in the press that he’s been “painted as a big party boy” isn’t true, and he attempts to debunk the theory in his book.

“It’s a bit of a myth really,” he said in response to Phillip. “It’s a bit of a myth that ‘big drinker, party boy’ image yeah.”

The cricketer also talked about the worry about releasing the book when he wasn’t sure how his children would react.

“I think the timing was right, my children have got older. 13 autobiographies unauthorised about my life.

“So I thought ‘you know what, it’s my time, come out, and be brutally honest in my book’.

“With the kids, most of it they already knew?” Phillip questioned, and Shane nodded.

“They did but most of it happened before they were born,” Shane went on. “And in a funny sort of way it’s brought us closer.

“It’s unedited with the kids – that’s exactly what they said [in that part of the book].

“Life’s all about ups and downs,” the cricketer finished.

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