Expert reveals real reason Melania Trump wears sunglasses in public after D-day backlash

The First Lady was accused of being “disrespectful” after refusing to ditch her shades for the 75th anniversary event in France last week. 

Many branded US President Donald Trump’s wife “tasteless” – but a fashion expert has attempted to shed some light on Melania’s sartorial choices. 

Psychologist Dawnn Karen believes Mrs Trump, 49, uses the sunglasses to literally shield herself from the gaze of the public. 

And Dawnn revealed how Melania uses items as armour to deal with being bullied. 

Mrs Trump puts a great deal of thought into her outfits, Dawnn believes. 

Analysing the outfit she chose to meet the Queen during the Presidential visit to England earlier this month, Dawnn added: “Her wearing white – this white dress coat – is symbolic of integrity.” 

“I believe that is what she is trying to convey alongside the president.

“Also, she has hints of blue, which is for trust. 

It’s this notion of integrity and trust, which is what she’s trying to use to offset Donald Trump’s remarks regarding particular individuals.”

It comes as fans claim Melania used a body double to visit the Normandy war memorials. 

She won over one D-day veteran who flirted with the President’s wife, telling her: “If only I was 20 years younger.”  

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