Poland arrests Chinese Huawei exec, Pole on spying charges

WARSAW, Poland — Poland’s Internal Security Agency has arrested a Chinese businessman and a Pole on suspicion of espionage, officials said on Friday.

The operation that resulted in the arrest of the two suspects had been underway for a long time and was planned with care, said Maciej Wasik, deputy head of Poland’s special services.

Wasik said that the Chinese suspect was a businessman working for a major electronics corporation and that the Pole was “known in circles associated with cyber-business affairs.”

He said “both carried out espionage activities against Poland,” but did not identify them.

A spokesman for the agency, Stanislaw Zaryn, said the two were arrested on Tuesday.

Polish state TV, which is close to the government, identified the Chinese man as Weijing W., saying he was a director in Poland at Huawei, the Chinese conglomerate that produces telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics.

State TV identified the Pole as Piotr D., and said he was a former high-ranking employee at the Internal Security Agency, the agency that investigates spying and terrorism

If convicted, they could face up to 10 years in prison.

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